what’s your favorite post?

I’m curious to know what your favorite Greek Tragedy post (or category) has been.  Please tell me.  I’ll show you mine if you show me yours…

MINE: Great Expectations

About Yours…
Mint Chip:  Most of the sweet natured posts on the site, when a man was extraordinarily good to me, are about my last ex-boyfriend, whom I dated for about a year.  He’s Roo (the one who sent the case of wine,) the guy with the best bedtime stories, who takes up a lot of real estate at the beginning of I remember,  the ever poetic foreign affiars (which wouldn’t surprise me if I ripped off from myself and sent to another guy since then… that’s the worst!  And yes, I’m capable of that),  and who I realized I couldn’t be with at all after posting Safe Bets. For so long, he had been my pacifier, safety, and home.  It ended here.

Let’s not ruin this with words:I wrote this post while I was half asleep.  I awoke, suddenly, in the middle of the night, just as I did LAST NIGHT, and I had to write this down.  Had to or else I wouldn’t be able to fall back asleep.  I did the same thing last night with my dreams.

Earning Potential: True story, though many people don’t believe it happened.  I promise it did indeed.  I have blonde witnesses.

Deleted Post: This story, along with Rat Pack, was too dirty for the site… it’s not too dirty for the book, though!  Yum.

Confession: I can’t believe I posted this.  I really can be horrid.

Never go to a party hungry, Mother said,
because you’ll eat too much greasy food once you arrive. 
And then you’ll be too tired to dance,
and your lips will look too shiny,
like you spent too much time applying Mac products. 
Then he’ll be afraid you’re not a natural beauty,
so he won’t ask you to dance. 
Then you, with your distended stomach,
will cry and ruin your mascara,
which will drip and damage your dress. 
Then I’ll have to pick it up from the cleaners.
–Stephanie Klein
from Mother Said



  1. Toss up between Introspection and Life Observation. Introspection shows all of the vulnerabilities that we all have. Yet, it is personal to your life. However, it brings people that much closer because we can feel what you are feeling. Life Observation is something that we all see, but we can sometimes miss. You use imagery and sometimes an analogy to describe the situation. It paints us the picture of what you are trying to say. It really makes us think.

  2. great expectations, every time. although the 100 things your mother and father taught you, definite contenders.

  3. Travel without leaving
    It's about time
    Let's not ruin this with words

    And, as Sally herself said… the NEXT one!

  4. i'm actually quite enamored of life leaps at the moment due to recent chick flick marathons during which i try and decode exactly what all these patterns mean and why i'm so haunted with a need to watch them over and over
    i was quite overjoyed to see a post corresponding with my current movie madness, thank you for it

  5. This one is my favorite. It's by far the most self-absorbed, and that's saying something.

  6. Marathon Sunday, Facts of Life, Anger Fucking helped to change my life. You made me realize I wasn't alone in what I was experiencing. I've read you ever since.

  7. Greek Tragedy. Because it hits on something that seems to elude you in many of your other posts when you talk about love and what you should be looking for – Mr. Sensitive or someone that acts like he doesn't care so much (Mr. Mean) or the like. (Even when you sometimes contradict yourself a little – in one post you get mad at people for saying "everything happens for a reason" but then in another post you say "everyone comes into your life for a reason".)

    The need to make youself happy is probably the hardest thing and people forget it and don't expect it, and they look for it everywhere – in others, in their weight, food, cars, houses, money, significant others, etc. When really they should look to themselves.

    Good luck.

  8. I love Blackout 2003–I don't think it gets enough credit because it was written so long ago. I just think it is so well written and perfectly captures that day.

  9. Definately "Men to Avoid", because it was the first post of yours I had ever read, and I was laughing so hard I called three friends to tell them about it. Thus, you are read in every corner of the world, including Cumberland County, NC.

  10. I like the posts where you come across as vulnerable. We know you have been hurt, and at times you feel lonely but it is at that moment when the fancy New York City girl in stelletos drinking expensive cocktails says, I don't really need this…I need someone to call mine forever" that we know you have become open and took the risk of exposing how important finding the right someone really is. Thanks for taking the chance and know that this fan will never throw salt and lemon into an open wound.

  11. "But enough about me, let's talk about you. What do you think of me?"

  12. Diving For Bubbles, Mint Chip and Something Borrowed. I can relate to all three.

  13. The one were you grab the Goldman Sachs douche-bag by the dick…My work gives me great disdain for all things Goldman Sachs, so in a way you are my hero.

  14. He Was Headed South, hands down. I've read it quite a few times, because it's such a fairy-tale romance (it belongs in a movie, a tell you). I especially like the part when he chased you down as you sat in the cab berating yourself (I think everyone loveddthat part), it melts my heart every time.

  15. Brogan, is someone holding a gun to your head and forcing you to read? Do you realize how dimwitted your statement is?


    My favorties are Japs because it reminds me of all my girlfriends growing up, and He was headed South because it made me tingle. That's the only way I can explain it. I also like 100 Things about Me.

  16. You already know mine, right? Sublimation, funnel cake & celery, and GE. The latter two are similar. Wow, I think GE may have been my first comment.

  17. I like the stories that have me in them…all two. Of course my favorite was the dog poop smush story…how could it not be? Care to write more about me, ya know, your sister?! I love you anyway…pwah! and Montana rocks!

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