let’s not ruin this with words

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I saw it written on a tee-shirt.  I ought to have bought it and worn it.

I don’t want to know if your song is about me–
or if it’s something that I did yesterday.
I don’t want to know if I’ve been your muse
or if your feelings are still the same.

Uncomfortable was the wrong word. 

I don’t want to mess things up
more than I already do.
Using words that I shouldn’t.
There’s so much more I want to say.

Things just come out crooked
despite it all seeming straight
up in my head
you’re with me always–
my analysis, spell check, and thesaurus–
but there’s no synonym for you.

Uncomfortable–I got it all wrong.
That’s what happens when it feels right.
I was afraid of messing this up
because you’ve been all
I’ve ever had that’s lasted.

You’re invaluable.
Without you here, there’s more room
to spread my wings, I can kick out
when I’m sleeping, without
wondering if I’ve hurt you.

You’re the only one who gets me to
write in stanzas.  You keep me
honest with myself.  I strive to
be better when you’re in my life.



  1. For not ruining it with words… you chose some pretty damn good words!

    I've only written in stanza once, altho I'm still waiting for my first haiku…

  2. couldn't agree more… love these lines;

    "You're the only one who gets me to
    write in stanzas. You keep me
    honest with myself. I strive to
    be better when you're in my life."

    we should all be blessed to have some one who can touch us in such a powerful way. friends, family, lovers. love how those lines hit the right emotional chord… its good to be alive.

    good words steph.

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