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May I just say that if you’re anything but a scant cup of sugar, you cannot get away with wearing a boyfriend jacket. Unless, of course, you’d like to be confused for someone’s boyfriend. Then by all means, cuff up those sleeves and use those deep pockets. You’re the one who pays now–in more ways than one.

I’ve come full circle with regard to the platform bootie and am now welcoming them into my life… with the skinny jean. There. I said it. I’m a trader to my shape (apple pan dowdy these days). Mind you the skinny jean comes with some stretch, and where there’s stretch, there’s suck. They suck it all right in, and push it out up top… not unlike a pastry bag, really. I would know, as I recently baked my own profiteroles. So, there’s that, which means I’m in no position to complain about how wee all my clothes are feeling. I am in a position, however, to buy a bloussant. A long gem stone colored top and even longer cardi, or pompom shawl, or hair shirt, because really, not sure a girl can ever have too much hair on her chest. Mostly, I just like that those Rachel Zoe vests invite me to sing Barenaked Ladies’ "What A Good Boy," which is a damn fine tune if you ask me.

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  1. People of many sizes can wear many things… it just comes down to good fit. With a jacket, that means the shoulders — not pulling, but not loose, making you look bigger. If you get the shoulder right the loose fit of a boyfriend jacket can actually camouflage a lot.

  2. I just picked up some really stylish finds from Zara. I’d make my way there if you have the time.

  3. I like to think of it as lesbian chic! Even though I’m not a lez it just sounds more empowering than boyfriend.
    Love the pieces you pulled in this except the hair vest, I just don’t get that one and I’ve seen people trying to rock them and I still don’t get it or like it. But if anyone can rock that hair piece it’s you miss thing!

  4. I usually only read the feed to your site Stephanie, but clicked over today and see you’ve revamped the whole design. I love it! Can you please share who did your site for you?

  5. Loving the fashion post! I am not a fan of the boyfriend jean or jacket. I tend to go for the boot cut jeans rather than the skinny because of the “pastry bag” effect !

    Enjoy LA! Can’t wait to see you on RR!! :)

      1. AOC, Chateau Marmont, Palihouse, Mozza (Pizzeria and Osteria both good), Gjelina, Dominicks (food not amazing but great patio), Medeo, Dan Tanas, Hatfields, BLD, Lou, Tavern.

        1. Also, Terroni. And for sushi, Katana Brentwood is trendy like Koi, but 40% less cheesy… (Koi is dregs of Hollywood, 23 year olds in rompers and Scott Baio, and has not been a viable destination since the summer of 2005.) For more casual options, Katsuya in the valley, Sushi Ike in Hollywood, Hide on Sawtelle (lunch).

        2. Author

          I was at AOC last time I was in town and had amazing wine pairings and “tushy cheese.”
          Agreed about Mozza. We ate at the Osteria after my book reading, had food coma for days.
          I’ve been to Katsuya a few times (the one that’s in a strip mall with valet parking, close to ABC Studios), and to me, it’s the same deliciousness as Koi, just without the homecoming queen scene. I did Sushiya at Sunset Plaza, which was unremarkable. Did the chef’s choice tasting menu at Sushi Sasabune, which was also unmemorable.
          I ate at the old BOA (made the huge mistake of staying at that pit of a hotel, where I saw a cockroach in my room), but have also heard good things about the new one. Tonight we’re heading to JAR (Beverly Blvd).

          Tomorrow I’m hoping to squeeze in a shopping moment at Planet Blue, and think we’ll be in Santa Monica for lunch. Last time I was there, I had lunch at Geoffrey’s, drove to Marina Del Ray, had drinks at The Viceroy (love the green bathroom) with a quick stop at Shutters (so lovely). We haven’t figured out where to eat there. Someone had mentioned FIG. Know anything about it?

          Friends of ours in Austin said we should go to Crustacean (said it was expensive but worthy of a drink at the bar?) Also suggested Wolfgang’s CUT. WTF is up with all these three letter establishments? KOI, STK, FIG, CUT, BLD, AOC, JAR, BOA. God.

          Also, thank you for all your reco’s!

  6. I feel like Chewbacca in those faux fur vests – don’t you? My 8 year old daughter looks cute in hers, though.

  7. Hi Stephanie – Do you know who makes the shoes that are on the left of the pic…wow! Gorgeous!

  8. I have yet to buy a pair of skinny jeans. I’ve always been a believer that women with thighs like mine should not be in skinny anything. These days though, I’m starting to question my original thoughts on skinny jeans.

  9. Two more. Boa, the new one on Sunset. And Giorgio Baldi. Sorry for the psychotic number of responses.

  10. love the booties…J Crew has a really cute one in their newest catalog. I am coming around on the skinny jean too…and I am kind of skinny, but just couldn’t fathom wearing something so tight…. now I got one pair and want them even skinnier! Have you seen the new “leggig” jeans…Seven has a pair, skin tight but super comfortable.

  11. Okay, phew, I am glad you are expanding beyond Koi. I don’t really know much about Santa Monica dining but I heard good things about Fig. Haven’t been to Crustacean in years but I remember it being 60 year old Beverly Hills housewives with scary plastic surgery.

  12. Cut is delicious. If you go have the bone marrow starter. I think it is called Bone Marrow Flan or something like that. Also a good steak house to try is Mastros.

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