young patrons society of lincoln center

Last night I attended the Second Annual Young Patrons Society Benefit.  I took the time to collect the names of guests with the recording device built into the battery pack of my Nikon D100 SLR.  This morning, while uploading photos using iPhoto, all the audio files were deleted.  I could scream, but I won’t.  Instead I’ll whine on the blog.  The room was resplendent, a magical view of the city, candlelit, and glowing, like the inside of a jack-o-lantern.



  1. Dude, these photos rock! Especially the pics of the dancers. You caught some beautiful moments. Nice work.

  2. oh you shoot with nikon. tsk tsk, i don't think we can be friends, steph. j/k.

    canon, i use. always wanted to try nikon but then i'd have to buy new lenses. and sometimes i'd rather use that money for new scarves.

  3. the audio probably is still on the cards…try mounting them and copying the files off by drag-n-dropping, or using something like PhotoMechanic. This is assuming you haven't reformatted the cards yet…and even if you have – try using RescuePro (sandisk) or Lexar's ImageRescue if you've formatted and have not shot on the cards again. Even if you have shot again, these apps can pull the other files off the card.

    I'm guessing iPhoto isn't expecting anything but straight jpegs when it ingests the cards.
    d2x shooter


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