I’m horrible with remembering the names of people.  I can repeat them as soon as they’re offered, but I rarely remember.  I’m especially bad when I should really know their name, with someone I’ll work with daily or someone who has known me since I was three.  We all prompt our date to step in with some social help.  On point, I wouldn’t say I’m good with dates either.  Birthdays, some.  I can remember the birthdays of childhood friends with whom I no longer speak.  Remember birthdays of MIDs.  Thankfully now, there are ridiculous evites to remind me.  Speaking of reminders…

Set your tivo again… this time it’s official:
The television show NY 360 will air my interview with them.  Channel 25 in New York, NYC TV, October 26.
Wednesday at 8:30 PM
Saturday at 10:30PM
Monday at 8:30PM



  1. i'm so excited to see the interview! i will say my poor little heart sank a bit when it wasn't on last week! :)

  2. Names. Labels. Don't I know exactly what you mean? After years of chastising self for inability to remember the names of meetings with persons deemed significant by forces outside of my realm of priority, I have finally stopped being concerned by it, from a logical perspective. Memory is conditioning, repetition, and if one doesn't speak with another person on a regular or even semi-regular basis, how is the synapse supposed to become triggered? With all the stimulation of the modern world, we're fortunate to be able to absorb as much as we do, I believe. I have found mneumonic devices to be helpful.

    If I lived in New York, or had access to this channel, I would be glued to the set.

    Never stop writing. It's your art. I am a proud fan.

  3. Well, best of luck with this, lady. From what I can gather, this would be difficult to find for us "out-o'-staters," but know that I would gladly stop the incessant channel surfing that allows me to catch two movies at once in order to watch your interview uninterrupted. Cheers to you!

  4. Just watched your segment on NY360 (it just aired Wed. 2:30 a.m.), looking good! Regarding your suggestion for a young Bette Midler type playing you on the t.v. show, my vote goes for Eliza Dushku.

  5. so is this really just a plug for the show? honestly, though, who cares. tonight i called a girl "d" all night long who i thought was named danielle and found out four hours later was named jessie. at this point i'm hoping she thinks that's my special name for her, even though it's totally unrelated to her name. it's conceivable…sort of. since we're obviously such good friends.

  6. my good friend (designer) makes these great, little books for jotting down stuff you want to remember. more specifically, her birthday books were featured in instyle mag. telling you about her does me no good in particular; i just thought you'd like to know about it.

  7. Anyone feel like Stephanie is slipping a bit? Maybe its me, the rainy weather, or something else, but the latest posts don't seem to catch me.

    I hope its just me, because I do enjoy her writing very much.

  8. Don't sweat it. Everyone is wired differently, and everyone is better at some things and worse at others. If your biggest weakness is an inability to remember names, welcome to a big club. I won't remember names five minutes later.

    OTOH, this 'weakness' presents us with an opportunity to remind ourselves that everyone has weaknesses, and that if so-and-so forgot something they should've remembered, maybe we can be a little less judgemental.

  9. sorry, me again. it looks like my friend's url didn't get posted last time. Her company is goodon paper design and can be seen in this month's instyle.

  10. Here's a thought-is there any way that those of us who live in the hinterlands can view this, sans the purchase of a Airline ticket and a hotel room in NYC? Just curious…….Streaming audio? Streaming Video? Aidez-moi, please!

  11. I will see what I can do. Perhaps they have a digital version and can give me a cut of my interview only, instead of the entire show… that way, I can share just like I did in Kindergarten (I didn't share well then either).

  12. Sadly I'm like that too. I can always remember the birthdays of that girl I hung out with in 6th grade or the guy I had a crush on for two weeks when I was 14… but for the life of me I can't remember some of my current friends' birthdays.

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