beach reading in france

0111p Love when people send me images like these, of strangers reading my books across the world. It’s still so odd to me, when I really stop to think about it, that such intimate thoughts from my journals make it into the hands of other people, people who bathe on the riviera, then hang their wet bathing suits on a terrace to dry. People who only wear bottoms. People who use Cannes as a verb. People who can speak French and Italian, but who dream in Spanish.

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  1. too bad I dont have a picture, but you have people readng it in India too, with their chai, lounging in their sarees.

  2. Hi Stephanie, my first post on your blog, but not really first time I read it :-)
    Looking those pics I was delighted…this is our beautiful "Baia del silenzio" in Sestri Levante (cinque terre – est liguria)
    For me, that I live in Italy, and work in a sailing school…well this is one of my fav place to go. Great choice your book+sestri levante.

  3. My professor assigned Straight Up & Dirty for our creative writing class paired with your blog. You now have an additional 70 fans. Ever make it to Medford, MA I'm sure there's a party to be had. Thank you for writing what we think but have a hard time saying. You inspire us to be better writers.

  4. Does it count if I take photos of the people I gave your book to?

  5. I see an arc with your books and anxiously await your next. You thinking memoir still? Will there be a Lucas book?

  6. Have you considered writing a children's book? Maybe one with your photographs?

  7. I saw you on the Today show and loved how real you were. Is it difficult to translate that realness to the written word? Are you one of those writers that takes a long time to write or does it just flow?

  8. Can't wait to see the new JJ Abrams Star Trek. You think there will be a black smoke monster?

  9. How was LA? When does your show come out? I'm excited for you seeing your book read in fun places. I bet there are many many more! Btw, sorry you missed the fashion show – it was fun despite the massive thunderstorm storm outside.

  10. When we were in the Maldives a few months ago, I looked over and saw a British woman reading your first book at Happy Hour at the bar while waiting for her husband to join her. She was smiling as she read it — I thought that would make you smile as well!

    I meant to send you a note about this, but forgot until I saw this post. So literally halfway around the world, your book was being enjoyed as a beach read!

  11. I read it in a park in Belgium ;) Though I don't think I've ever heard anybody use Cannes as a verb, I cringe when people use 'summer' as a verb.

  12. Hey Stephanie,
    love my pictures on your blog. :)
    Me personally I dream in german.
    Don't think too much about me reading your intimate thoughts though.
    Write, as if…


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