bangles & bursts for babes with babies: mother’s day love gifts

Bursts So I’ve had some history with mother’s day gifts. Here’s what I’ve decided, I’m all about the charms. Things that dangle, aside from shrunken breasts used to nurse rabid spawn. I love the idea of a charm bracelet or necklace, where each year a new charm can be added.

I have to be honest. I don’t love things that scream, or even whisper "mom." I’ll happily wear a macaroni necklace, but a photo of my kid? It’s just not me. I also don’t love the idea of a necklace that reads, "mom" or any variation thereof. "Best Mom," "World’s Best Mom," "Greatest Mom on Earth." Just ew. I can’t help it. I’m never going to be that "in your face" mom. I’m all for being the greatest mom on earth, even if it does remind me of a circus ring of elephants. I just think there’s a tasteful way of going about it.

Bangles So in honor of babes with babies, I suggest these love notes of affection. Add charms you already have to a few stackable bangles for a fun flirty take, more modern than the traditional charm bracelet.

I am not for matchy matchy, mind you, but I kinda can’t help wanting to get a bunch of fun charms for Abigail throughout her life. And on mother’s day, we’d each get one, the same one. But then what about Kind Sir? What a total gyp! I’d of course want one that reminded me of our special bond, too. This means it will have to be a ball or a car. I’m going to need to think this through.  In the meanwhile, it’s fun to look. Now I’m off to go plan for the baby shower we’re throwing TOMORROW! I just returned from LA last night. Exciting news to share soon!

5 YEARS AGO: Stone Rose, Bond St., Suba



  1. I'm sure it just hasn't occurred to you, but "gyp" is quite an offensive term now. It's considered a slight based on a stereotype against Roma.

    The reason I'm sure is that it hadn't occurred to me until it was pointed out when I said it a few years ago. I've never used it since. (I hope you won't either.)

    Glad you enjoyed your trip. No baubles for me for Mother's Day, just homemade cards and homemade breakfast. It's just what I want.

  2. I send my mom flowers.

    Yes, I could buy them at Costco – but isn't there something magical about flowers showing up at your door – with a love note from your kid – saying "I love you, and thank you." ?

    I love flowers. And my mom. Good god, how much do I love my mom?
    My mom is every good thing. Every cinnamon smell, fresh bread, clean and ironed sheets, perfectly hemmed prom dresses, dried fruit, gorgeous flowers, warm hugs, stories read (to me and my babies), a hum of goodness…


  3. I'm not a Mum and I lost mine when I was fourteen…but another good place to buy nice things for Mums is It's great to support the smaller artists and there is something for everyone on there…beautiful jewelery included. Everyone should take a look.

    Mum's Day is wonderful and so special. I hope it's great for you this year Stephanie, the beans are so lucky to have you, and you them!

  4. Well, "gyp" is pretty offensive – I'd liken it to the phrase "Jew down" a price. Whatever. It wasn't intentional on Stephanie's part, but it is in fact a charged term.

    LOL Stephanie, you do seem a somewhat "in your face" mom me! At least from your blog. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that – you are entitled to be proud and "in your face." But let's call a (spade) a (spade). (That's an offensive saying too, I'm making fun of myself here …)

  5. "The phrase predates the use of the word "spade" as an ethnic slur, which was not recorded in usage until 1928; however, in contemporary U.S. society, the idiom is often avoided due to potential confusion with the modern racial slur against African-Americans."

  6. another vote for etsy..these baubles are out of my range this year (the economy sucks yes, but I am saving for an extra big daddy's day gift for my husband who asks for nothing – ever) and I will tell my man to look at etsy for affordable nice stuff. I love their 'alchemy' option. Describe an idea for a custom piece and let artists bid on it. You can virtually design your own piece, it's affordable and feel good about supporting local artists. It never ceases to amaze me how many talented artists are out there.

    I noticed there aren't as many comments on your blogs lately. Just wondering if you are not approving a lot of them?

  7. Ummm…just because you're not offended by the term does not mean it's not an offensive term. I think Sallie was just trying to point out that maybe Stephanie hadn't realized it was a charged term, and should consider that before using it again. I'm not sure why you think coming from gypsy lineage gives you the right to define what it acceptable and what is not, or to fairly rudely knock someone for being offended by something that doesn't personally offend you.

    I have no strong feelings on the word, and in fact can't think of one instance of my having used it before, but I am always glad to be enlightened into how the language we use without thinking can have deeper, more racist roots than we realized. What I, Stephanie, or anyone else will choose to do with the information may vary, but it's not like Sallie got all in a huff about it. She simply gave voice to an issue.

  8. Oh, the moral police have arrived. Well, they should simmer down.

    GYP is not offensive at all. Calling the Rom (plural of Roma) people "gypsies," however, is. Not all Rom are gypsies (of course), but all gypsies are cheats.

    Carry on.

  9. It’s about time! You really got me out of a tight spot with this! I have been searching high and low for a true romantic gift for my better half. It has been a difficult exercise. I’m over the moon that i happened to find this “bangles & bursts for babes with babies: mother’s day love gifts

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