a few (more) of my favorite things

Not quite whiskers on kittens, but here is a quickie list of a few of my (latest) favorite things:

Damion Suomi:  I’m kinda diggin’ on the guy. He’s gotta get tired of hearing that he sounds EXACTLY like Michael Stipe… but how could that ever be a bad thing?

ExploringMichael Gorban: "At age 30, Gorban received the honor of exhibiting his paintings at an international exhibition beside the likes of Salvador Dali, Kandinsky,Chagall, and others, in the Hermitage museum in Leningrad." All that aside, Phil and I don’t really agree on much of anything, and yet, we still spend every single day together, both working from home, and manage not to kill each other. The other thing we agree on? We both love Michael Gorban. Growing up, Gorban didn’t have many luxuries and remembers the first gift he received: a bag of marbles. It’s why he makes a point of including a marble in each of his paintings. What moves me most about his work is the spirit he captures. Not all art makes me think; his does.

Bowtie Southern Proper: Two women from the South began this deliciously preppy line of menswear. I’m such a sucker for seersucker, and there’s nothing sexier than a man with a bowtie. Now, how do I get Phil to wear madras, boat shoes, and a fisherman’s cap? Or how about just a tee shirt that doesn’t say "TRASH" on it? I’m kind of a big believer that no adult should wear anything legible on his/her shirt.

How Charming: I’m all about charms, wearing a single one on a thin delicate necklace, or studding them around a chunky heavy bracelet. The key is making them your own. While I love a fun girly high-heeled shoe, not sure what it conveys about the wearer. I mean, if you love high-styled shoes, wear high-styled shoes… on your feet, not your wrist. Notice I have a flip-flop on my fantasy bracelet… but it’s more to symbolize and remind me of a carefree life, of not sweating the medium stuff. To take vacations that don’t involve work or family, but involve dancing, overindulging, moving, spf, and umbrella drinks.

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how charming


  1. Phil would look great in Madras shorts. Just get them and force him for Mother's Day.

  2. I am still salivating about your "Miles Of Chocolate" recc from a year ago. Any recent foodie finds?

  3. Do you ever go on any of the dating sites anymore just for market research? I'd love to know your thoughts on if/how they've changed.

  4. I was walking through Central park this weekend and saw a couple sitting on a bench reading MOOSE. I thought it was odd but then again I would think anyone reading in this crap weather would be odd.

  5. What are you going to get Phil for Father's Day? Madras shorts?

  6. Those madras shorts are hideous…however, I did purchase a cute lil pair at Jcpenny's for my little boy. I think they look silly on young men.
    The rest makes it sound like you're trying to dress him like an old man! Seersucker? Gregory Peck? Heh.

  7. Could you make clear whether or not you receive discounts or free stuff for recommending products here?

  8. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my charm bracelets! I have two, the first one was my 'first forty' years…I got it when I was 7, and has everyplace I've traveled to…my second one, is all about my children and being a mom, and hopefully someday I'll add grandchildren :)

  9. What would you like for Mother's day? I'm thinking some back scratches and a foot massage. Cliche?

  10. Has anyone seen the article comparing Target/H&M dresses with $1,000 ones? Really interesting stating some materials may last longer but overall both were comparable.

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