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2009SybilLattice13Hi I love stationery. Once upon a time, I got married and took his last name. My initials then represented: Sexually Transmitted Disease, so I kinda avoided the whole monogram thing *despite loving bedding like this shown.* Now I’m married to a man with the coolest last name ever: BEER. This is why I have a parenting category on this site titled "Raising Hops Into Beers." Still, after the nightmare that was my Oncewife Life, I vowed never again to change my name for anyone, even if it meant my own children wouldn’t share my last name. I stuck with my "K" monogrammed chair, and I boxed up my personalized stationery. And I miss it.

The thing is, I had it made special. Went to a Crane’s retailer and ordered a tri-fold card wrapped with a satin periwinkle ribbon. It looked like an invitation or baby announcement and opened to a small frog embellishment, then opened again to my full name, engraved. It was my personalized stationery, and it made me happy when I needed to send a thank you note, a love note, a "I know you don’t like me, and I don’t particularly like you, but why don’t we go ahead and fake it for your son’s sake" note. I loved that the envelope liner matched the ribbon, that each time I wrote on it, it felt like a small luxury. I also love that thank you note are also known as "informals." I’m pretentious that way.

I opened the box yesterday and asked my assistant, "Think I can just scribble out the last name, and write KLEIN over it? Then you know, make a joke about it?" Yeah, not so much. Damn. I want new stationery. If I were in New York this May 17 – 20, I’d go to the National Stationery Show at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center and order up some new stationery. I’m determined now. New social calling cards, correspondence cards, oooh and gifts. I think personalized stationery makes the most decadent and thoughtful gift. Oh, how I want to now order some for Abigail Ruby and Lucas Beckett!

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  1. Here's a set of initials that anybody who relates to "Moose" will enjoy–mine are "EAT." Thanks mom!

  2. Everything recently seems about buying and getting.

    Are you still taking photos? Playing tennis? Exploring your new city? Did you say the twins were in school now? How's that going?

    (I'm just not into the "acquiring stuff" posts, sorry. I'd love to hear more about living, though!)

  3. I just ordered new calling cards for the family yesterday. My only problem is I have more cards than I have people to give them out too. I have a drawer full of personalized stationery in different designs for different occassions, two designs of personal calling cards and a delicious gift of personalized note paper for my son's teacher. I love

  4. could you create a really nice sticker and place it over the top?

  5. There is a wonderful stationery story here in Austin that one of my friend's owns called Barclay Papers. She has designed her own line of stationery and it is beautiful! Check it out at 34th and Lamar inside Picket Fences (baby/maternity store).

  6. I serious proclivity toward all things paper… and I will be at the show. Let me know if I can help with your stationery musings.

  7. "Navy Lattice" makes me think of North Hills Country Club. It reminds me of summer and ices and mothers who "tennis." Yes, as a verb.

  8. i work in a stationery store here in baltimore… once you learn the ins and outs, you become such a stationery snot/whore (can never have enough!). i love it! this post made me smile.

  9. I love stationary and beautiful cards. I'm a big fan of Papyrus and I'm probably the only one that notices how much money and time I spend there to have presents wrapped beautifully in hand made paper. I'm in need of some new calling cards after a phone number change (out with the old…) and I think this company has some cute ones.

  10. I second iomoi!! I've been using them the last few years for my return address labels :) Expensive, but I love them!

  11. I just had to explain to the Post Office today that "Mrs. Tom so and so" I are the same person. And I should not have to bring his ID with me to pick up a package that is addressed TO ME! Why did I change my name again? :)

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