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It’s why I love Lost. Yes, go ahead, skip the post if you don’t watch Lost. But let me say this, I love TV that makes us feel. Lost, I will say, never makes me feel. It makes me think, and it makes me feel smart. And at the end of the day, we all love feeling smart. We love figuring things out, doing that party down touchdown dance, when you know you’re right. When you so called it.

And I did. Months ago, first week in February, you heard it here. I wrote that Daniel (Twitchy) Faraday was Penelope’s brother, and therefore Desmond’s brother-in-law (and constant), and I wrote that he was indeed Charles Widmore’s son. Though I’m not sure you have to be a physicist to have figured that out. See, that’s the key with a smart show: it makes you believe you’re smart without actually having to be.

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  1. Great call Stephanie!! I had no idea any of that was coming.

    What did you think about it "not being their destiny" ?

    I love this show.. I can't wait until next week!

  2. So obvious! I don't like it when they hit you over the head like that. But oh well. Thank goodness it was a good episode, I was so annoyed about last week's "all new" recap show, they could have at least been a little more honest about it being not new at all.

  3. This was a great episode. I wasn't sure if Widmore and Hawking were together once or brother/sister. Crazy to hear Widmore say he's my son too!! I love this show. RIP Daniel (maybe??) His mama shot him!!! That I didn't see coming and I'm still thinking about what all of this means. And where was Faraday going with this bomb threat! I'm glad WHH (whatever happened happened) isn't the absolute rule. Thank goodness there are variables (I think??? Still could be WHH cause Faraday said his mama knew what would happen??) Can't wait till next week and Jack et al try to change things. You are a smart cookie!

  4. OMG! great episode! I love the look that Juliet shot when Sawyer called Kate freckles!

  5. every thursday a group of us – all ages and varieties – discuss the LOST eopsiode form the night before via e-amil – it's great! (hard to get work done though!) everyone's theories and questions – i love a show that makes you think!

  6. These questions are still on my mind.

    I'd been wondering what would happen if one of the people who've been transported back to the 70's ran into a younger version of themselves. Most books/movies about time travel suggest that this would be impossible, at best. At worst, it would cause reality to completely unravel. But, now it has happened to Miles and apparently, it's okay. It just doesn't seem right to me, somehow.

    The other thing is if they now live in the 70's and from the perspective of the future, it's all already happened, shouldn't there be older versions of them in the future (assuming they don't get killed)?

    Of course, now they're questioning Daniel Faraday's original theories. So, maybe not.

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