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If you don’t watch LOST, you should. If you don’t watch LOST, you won’t find this interesting. Just my guess, but I think these two women? They’re the same person. Daniel Faraday’s mother.

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Daniel Faraday annoys me. You know, there used to be a time when people drew lines about which man they wanted: a Jack, a Sawyer, a Locke, a Sayid, a Desmond… you get the idea. Daniel Faraday is mousy and whispers everything. He irritates me. And then last week, he pulls that whole, "You look familiar" when he’s taken gunpoint by Ellie. So it ends, and I think, that’s his mom. It’s too obvious not to be. That’s right. Mrs. Hawkings and Ellie are the same person. I’m guessing Charles Widmore knocked Ellie up somewhere, and she popped Daniel Faraday out. Which would make him Penny’s brother, and Desmond’s brother-in-law and "constant." My favorite part of this show is figuring out who’s related to whom.








  1. How does Daniel end up Desmond's step-brother… and I think you're dead on with Daniel being Widmore spawn.

  2. Really? My first instinct was that Ellie ends up being Desmond's wife. But I am a week behind you; have not seen tonight's episode yet : )

  3. i just took a peek at spoilerfix.com because this rang a bell (i'll admit that i didn't put 2 and 2 together last night) … mrs. hawkings' first name is eloise! this craziness is why i love lost!

  4. Penny is the daughter of Charles Widmore.
    Daniel is the son of Charles Widmore.
    Which makes Penelope and Daniel siblings. I don't know if Penny and Des are actually married, making Desmond Daniel's brother-in-law, but it would be fun to learn that Penny was at one time engaged to Daniel… all incest stories are good stories. Remember, Penny was engaged to someone when Desmond was off at sea. What other family connections are there?

    Aside from Jack and Claire. What do you think happened to that little girl Annie, who remembered Ben's birthday and gave him a wooden doll. There's no way he'd have let her be wiped out. She's clearly special to him.

    The guy who hears dead people, Miles, I assume he's the baby that was born at season 5 premiere. The son of Dr. Candle (the dude who makes those videos).

    One other thing. A long time ago, Hugo's accountant told him that he wasn't cursed, as a man fell from a building in the background. I'm thinking that man is the very one who Sayid and Hugo dealt with last week.

  5. I had the same conclusion last night – that Ellie is Dan's mom, and also that Mrs. Hawkings person. I didn't take it so far to conclude that he's also Widmore's kid. That's a pretty interesting twist. My guess in that case is that Faraday has no clue who his real father is.

    At some point I had a nutty theory that Jack's dad was EVERYONE'S father, but that fell apart pretty quickly.

    I can't imagine Penny being engaged to Daniel. She would tower over him. But story-wise it makes sense.

    I think you're right about Miles. Whoa. That would explain the nosebleed. Likewise, the "ginger" chick is probably also from the island originally. At one point last season she made reference to figuring out "where I was born". I know her parentage is going to be an issue. Maybe Ben? Or is she another Widmore kid? Talk about your incest stories. (She and Widmore do both have piercing blue eyes.)

    Did we ever get an answer about who it is that Juliet so closely resembles, and why Ben thought she belonged to him? I had a theory at one point that Juliet was Ben's daughter and that his interest was not romantic (though he creepily presented it as so).

  6. I'm a total LOST addict – love it!

    The Eloise Hawking / Ellie link is pretty much the accepted theory and it seems pretty obvious that it's right. Ditto that she's Daniel Faraday's mom – definitely.

    But. I don't think Charles Widmore and Ellie are a couple I think they're brother and sister. Which would better explain their contentious relationship in the present as well as the way they relate to each other on the island (Charles says "shut up, Ellie" in a very…er…brotherly way).

    What if Richard Alpert were Daniel's father? Assuming Richard is…uh…human.

    And Miles is definitely Pierre Chang's kid (that's Marvin Candle's "real" name) and was probably born on the island – hence Daniel's offhanded comment last night when he asked Miles if he was sure he'd never been to the island before.

    Some other things I've been noodling:

    – Aaron is going to grow up to be someone we already know. Maybe Locke, but that might not work since Locke cared for him as a baby. But I think aaron is a key player here and with the time-travel I think it's inevitable that all these babies that are being introduced have a destiny to fulfill in the present. Especially Aaron.

    – Speaking of babies…Des and Penny's kid is going to grow up as Charlie Pace, I think. It would explain the weird psychic connection Desmond had for adult charlie.

    Oh man, there's just so much to ponder. This is the best show in the history of television.

    And if you're not reading Jeff Jensen's recaps and theories at EW.com you should be. He's great and really helps tie together all the speculation.

  7. Stephanie,
    I completely agree with your theory!!! I was thinking the exact same thing!!!!


  8. Remember the Goodspeeds? I'm betting that they're Charlotte's parents. That's why she and Miles are getting nose bleeds… they've been on the island longer than the rest… they were born there. Sigh, I <3 Lost.

  9. The Goodspeeds! I forgot about them. Would totally fit thet they're Charlotte's parents but how did she get off the island after they were killed? Could she be Annie? Maybe they time-traveled her somehow and she bacame Charlotte?

    Also. Remember when Daniel Faraday was walking through the construction site at the Dharma station while Pierre Chang was making a video? Could he have somehow scooped up Charlotte (and maybe Miles, too) and taken them through time with him before he left?

    The other theory is that Annie is Kate (her middle name is Anne and she used it as an alias during her time on the lam). When the others kidnapped Sawyer and Kate, Ben let Kate change and have breakfast with him while he left Sawyer with the fish biscuits. Maybe because he knows she's Annie?

  10. And, Eloise was also the name of Daniel's rat! Perfect.

    The other obvious connection is that both he and Mrs. Hawking have the last names of famous scientists. Probably means something.

  11. This stuff (Ellie, Miles, etc.) has all been said, all over the web. EW.com and the "Pop Candy" blog on USAtoday.com (usually the comments to the LOST posts) have tons of intriguing theories. There are also funny commentaries and videos on EW. com (by "Doc Jensen").

    I LOVE Lost. It makes me see how people can get into Sci Fi (which I always kind of ridiculed previously). Although I like the relationships best, the time-travel and other brain-twister aspects are interesting. How do they come up with this stuff?!

  12. Not everyone had guessed what Stephanie pointed out, at least I'm one who hadn't. I barely have time to watch it on my DVR so even less time to speculate on everything.

    These comments have helped me figure a lot of stuff out – thanks everyone!

  13. I think that little girl Annie who befriended Ben did get wiped out – I thought that was part of his character's transformation. Kind of how he wound up on the "dark side". I'm totally with you on Miles being Dr. Candle's son and Ellie being Daniel's mom.

    Also I'm psyched about last episode's closing scene (don't want to spoil if anybody hasn't caught up with their TIVO yet, but I totally called it!)

  14. Holy shnikes! I didn't even think of it like that. Lost is arguably the best show on TV. The writing is oh so solid. I'm going to go read more theories because I haven't in the past.

  15. So…Richard's last name is Alpert? This might not have anything to do with anything, but Richard Alpert was also the original name of Ram Dass (spiritual leader, friend of Timothy Leary).

  16. Lost is the best show and i am hekplessly addicted to it ;)

    you are right, they are the same woman. google "Dark UFO", he runs a great LOST website, with screencaps and spoilers and great discussions… i live there to kill time between episodes

  17. Wait-you`re watching season 5, right?
    I think it`s season 4 that where watching here in Germany … in the last week`s episode I`ve learned that Kate has a Baby named Aaron. Okay. And now I read here in the comments that there is a family connection between Jack and Claire. What kind of family connection? I`m confused! And this is what always happens when I`m watching LOST. And I hate SciFi. So, whenever a season ends, I swear that I`ll never ever watch it again. But I can`t help myself – a new season starts and I`m lost. LOST. At least, the name of the show makes sense…

  18. I think you are right!
    And I can't stand Daniel! He just comes off creepy and the type of man that you would like to see someone kick the living crap out of.

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