meat sundaes

In a recent email from my sister Lea, who is now living in Montana (I will have to check the map again), I learned the following:

“There’s a kickass barbecue around the corner. They make a barbecue sundae…with meat of your choice on the bottom, baked beans on top…and then sweet homemade coleslaw…sounds gross, but it rocks! Ok, can u tell that I am hungry? I only had two rice cakes today.”

I love this idea.  Meat Sundae.  It’s so much better than Fudgey The Whale.  And who eats rice cakes when there are meat sundaes to be had? Actually, who eats rice cakes, period? It’s so Melba toast and cottage cheese, so celery, and diet Nazi. Baked beans are a good time, especially from Houston’s (I think they use chocolate syrup in their recipe).

This sucks. Dieting is worse than giving blood via a med student with bad aim.  And while I’m nowhere near the topic… since when is vegetarianism an interest? I was filling out a survey about my interests, and right there, with its own check box, “vegetarianism.”  They might as well add “spray tanning” and “hygiene” to the list.  Hobbies.  Ew.  Is “isighting” a hobby?  Oh, okay, nerding out.  Fine.



  1. Meat Sundaes. That probably ranks right up there at the top of the list of words or phrases I hope never enter my vocabulary again. Right next to "commode" and "moist". They couldn't come up with a better name, something from the Marketing department like The BBQ Stack or Too Tall's BBQ Special?!?

    I will admit though, it does sound kinda good . . .

  2. She's right – that does sound gross. And delicious.

    Rice cakes are for little bitches. Bring on the brisket!

  3. I'm in Billings, MT. The meat sundae must be on the western side of Montana. Sounds like something they'd do over there.

  4. I'm with ya on the dieting thing. My friend is stick-thin and tortures herself by not eating what she wants. I, on the other hand, have some healthy hips but very much appreciate eating a handful of potato chips when I want. To each his own, but I'm like you on this one, good food is orgasmic.

  5. A co-worker of mine is on weight watchers and her motto is "Nothing tastes as good as thin feels."

    I beg to differ.

  6. I have an atrocious personal trainer who's put me on a diet of nothing but eggs and tells me 120 pounds is too much for a 5'6" female.

    I'm ditching him for the fucking beans.

  7. The recipe for beans at Houston's also has cinnamon, molasses and honey. I think that adds to the delish factor.

  8. ever had a tofu sundae? ;-) I think I'd love some of that. Me being ridiculously Chinese, and having the digestive tracks of a herbivore.

  9. I love my nyc-cheeseburger at the steakhouse around the corner. hey, here in germany they taste awfully good!

  10. I used to think chicken and waffles were a strange combo, but they are DELICIOUS.

    Now you have me day dreaming about two words I never would have imagined together. Meat sundae, hmm…

  11. I think that's a hilarious post. A meat sundae sounds like a great afternoon treat! Great job. And I think vegetarianism is an interest as much as my fried foodism is. Nice blog.

  12. Houston's. Oooh, you said a mouthful. How 'bout adding a platter of their knife and fork ribs and shoestring fries? One of my all-time favorite meals.

  13. They may not have a meat sundae, but they have the best coleslaw, baked beans, and barbeque sauce in Kansas City (and Kansas City knows Barbeque) PS. They ship nationwide.

  14. At Cornell there was something called the "Hot Truck" that made something called a "PMP" — a "poor man's pizza" or, basically a french bread pizza (sauce and cheese on a half-loaf of french bread). There were many add-ons possible. One such add-on was "G&G" — "Grease and Garden" or lettuce and mayo. Sounds nasty but was oh so delightful.

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