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The Power of Routine

In ALL by Stephanie Klein2 Comments

Creatures of habit. We put the same hand in our coat sleeve first each time, the same eye up to the viewfinder of a camera, same same. They say we …

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It takes a Pandemic

In ALL by Stephanie Klein20 Comments

I once read that if you’re struggling to find your life’s purpose, you could reveal it by looking to your behavior on the evening of Tuesday, September 11, 2001. What …

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Falling In Love Again

In ALL by Stephanie Klein1 Comment

I haven’t had a glass of wine in over a year. I think. I keep meaning to, but I never follow through. It’s not that I’m off the sauce or …

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In ILLNESS by Stephanie Klein37 Comments

He was in the pediatric emergency room when I found him. It wasn’t my son, but my husband, on a gurney in a robe, hooked up to machines. Weeks earlier …

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Cherry On Top

In PREENING by Stephanie Klein5 Comments

I‘m obsessed with cherries. Our wedding invitation had a cherry blossom belly band. Our daughter’s middle name is Ruby, which is about as cherry-flavored as you can get without naming …