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Can I come see you in person? #HELLYES This is where and when you can find me in-person at two WW Studio locations: WEST BABYLON + LYNBROOK only.

Lynbrook, 10:30AM + 12PM - In Person
West Babylon, 5:30PM - In Person

West Babylon, 8:30AM - In Person
West Babylon, 10AM - In Person

Lynbrook, 7:30AM - In Person
Lynbrook, 9AM - In Person
Lynbrook, 10:30AM - In Person 

Visit Me From Anywhere - Virtual Zoom

Virtual Zoom Workshops

Here's a copy of my virtual schedule only, in several time zones because you may join from anywhere in the world. You will only find me at that link during the scheduled time. The link will first have you login to your WW account to validate that you're a member in good standing. So, consider this your official invitation to join me. Zoom Meeting Code ID can be found if you search WW Connect app for #officehours

Levittown (VIRTUAL)
⏰ Eastern: 9:30am 
πŸ•£ Central: 8:30am 
πŸ•’ Mountain: 7:30am 
πŸ•‘ Pacific: 6:30am 
πŸ•  Alaska: 5:30am 

West Babylon (VIRTUAL)
⏰ 7pm Eastern
πŸ•• 6pm Central
πŸ•” 5pm Mountain
πŸ•“ 4pm Pacific
πŸ•’ 3pm Alaska


Plainview, NY (VIRTUAL)
⏰ 6:15pm Eastern
πŸ•” 5:15pm Central
πŸ•“ 4:15pm Mountain
πŸ•’ 3:15pm Pacific
πŸ•‘ 2:15pm Alaska

Lynbrook, NY
Eastern: ⏰ 8:30am
Central: ⏰ 7:30am
Mountain: ⏰ 6:30am
Pacific: ⏰ 5:30am
Alaska: ⏰ 4:30am

Wantagh, NY
⏰ Eastern: 5:30pm
πŸ•Ÿ Central: 4:30pm
πŸ•ž Mountain: 3:30pm
πŸ• Pacific: 2:30pm
πŸ•œ Alaska: 1:30pm


Wantagh, NY
⏰ Eastern: 1pm
πŸ•› Central: 12pm
πŸ•š Mountain: 11am
πŸ•™ Pacific: 10am
πŸ•˜ Alaska: 9am

Why can't I find you on the WW app?

Some call me a Life Coach. A personal coach. But really, I'm a Result Coach. I'm in the business of helping people get results and transform their lives through the power of story.
I also work with WW (Formerly Weight Watchers), where I'm called a Wellness Coach, but if you search for me using the WW app or website, you won't find me.
Wait, say what?

The WW app only lists coaches who do only virtual workshops (not those who do both, as I do)

I coach 7 Virtual Workshops and 7 In-Studio (In Person) Workshops, 6 days/week

So, you will not find me in the search results for this reason, but...

Follow @coachstephk on the WW App and Search the Connect section of the WW App for #officehours to find my Updated Schedule at any time

Where is your complete schedule?

Here it is: my complete schedule, but it's subject to change. Which is why it's best to be all up in my Social Media business, where I'd update my schedule first.

Levittown, 9:30AM (VIRTUAL ONLY)
West Babylon, 7PM (VIRTUAL)
Plainview, 6:15PM (VIRTUAL)
Lynbrook, 8:30AM (VIRTUAL)
Lynbrook, 10:30AM - In Person
Lynbrook, 12PM - In Person
W. Babylon, 5:30PM - In Person
West Babylon, 8:30AM - In Person
West Babylon, 10AM - In Person
Wantagh, 5:30PM (VIRTUAL)
Lynbrook, 7:30AM - In Person
Lynbrook, 9AM - In Person
Lynbrook, 10:30AM - In Person
Wantagh, 1PM (VIRTUAL)


  1. Hi Stephanie, It’s Roseann Siegenhaler. When making weekly in person reservations it doesn’t send you a confirmation. I cannot recall if I made a reservation for tomorrow at 9:30 am. I believe I did! Of course it is fully booked. Any way for you to find out this information? Thanks. Otherwise I’ll check and come earlier at the 8:15. Thank you.

    1. I had hoped to attend one of you in-person workshops this Saturday but, unfortunately, won’t be able to. I’ll try again next week.

      Thanks, Lillian

  2. I’ve put all of your Virtual WW mtgs in my calendar so I won’t miss you ever again – thank you for your wonderful coaching, caring and inspirations

  3. Wow, I love your “profile”–as stated above. Don’t ask me how I got here. Here I am, though. I took a break from writing–yes, reading, you’ve got it right–and for some devious ways, landed here. Liking it.

  4. Stephanie I must say WW is not paying you enough! And I have no idea how much they are paying you, but you are an inspiration to both myself and I’m sure to many others!! I absolutely love your meetings YOU ARE MOTIVATION. I have been in WW for many years doing the fight against my eating issues and never have I encounted such a knowledgeable, caring, informatative leader as yourself! Nothing holds you back, you sing, you dance you do whatever it takes to get your message across and keeping us all involved and awake!!! Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou

    1. Author

      Thank you so much Alice. This means a lot to me, as I try very hard to be myself and to put myself into all that I do, all the way in. All paws on. I’m also loving getting to know you.

  5. I am so glad I found this group tonight. (12/28/21)
    Thank you for helping me get through a tough day today! I look forward to joining your virtual meetings again!

    1. Is this Chris O ? I hope you are well . Thank you for sharing this morning….I can relate.
      Suzie D.

  6. I want to publicly thank you for all of your wisdom. You have helped me to release over 100 pounds. I love having the opportunity to attend your workshops online. I consider you my mentor. I would like to make it official and pay you to mentor me. Please text or email me if you are interested in helping me more…..
    Thanks in advance

  7. How do I preview a session. Was a lLife member of WW years ago. Does that make me still a life member. Original membership was in Livingston NJ. I believe the original location for WW

  8. Thank you for the information. I look forward to meeting on Saturday at 1:00

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