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    Eating while hanging out on the sofa watching your favorite TV series doesn't suck. Eating snacks at the dining room table without any multitasking? Notsomuch.

    I don't want you sitting at your table to eat your snacks like it's some type of punishment. Instead, remind yourself that you're choosing to sit without distractions because you're training yourself to be someone who only eats when she's hungry, and does so mindfully, so she doesn't overeat. Because if we're able to do this, to automatically eat mindfully, we're then also able to eat any food in the world without gaining weight. Total food freedom is experienced when we're able to automatically only eat when we're hungry and to stop when we notice we're no longer hungry. But, it's gonna take, oh, just a wee bit of practice.

    Still, is there a way to make the practice fun? We all know that behavior change can feel really uncomfortable. But goals are much easier to reach when we break them down smaller and figure out a way to make 'em fun... so they get done.

    Enter my solution for Mindful Eating. Because if you're gonna play mind games, at least make them Mindful Eating games...that create some weight loss.



    Mindful Mouthful

    Mindful Mouthful

      Yes, the Bingo Bling is Free!


      Yeah, yeah. We know. Eat mindfully. But what does that even mean? In a word, it means "awareness." Not judgment. Not shoulds. Your only job is to truly become an observer of your own behavior. Moment by moment. Then, you get to decide what to do with the information you gather.

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      1. Just printed my bingo card. Can’t wait to try some of the things on it. You are awesome!

      2. You already know how much I love this & how brilliant I think it is! Just another incredible tip from the BEST Coach EVER! Thanks, as always, for everything you do for us & for making this journey FUN!

      3. This Bingo card is so creative and it works! Now can you make one for chores?

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