it’s the little things

What’s gotten into you? You’re all giddy and loving, sweet as sugarcane. “Why, sweetie, that’s what garbage does to a girl.”

We had a garbage disposal when we lived in Texas and Florida, but these past three and half years, we’ve gone (read: suffered a woebegone existence ) without one in New York. When you’re a household of one or two, you can tolerate such a thing, but when you have kids, the garbage situation is unearthly. Enter the half-eaten cereal bowl. The soggy mess, if dumped in the kitchen sink, clogs up the drain, and I must put my hands into the creamed bits of soggy cereal chunks, to force it down the drain, or worse, scoop it up and throw it away in the actual garbage can.

Today, a new dishwasher is being installed, and I hope beyond hopes that I needn’t clean the dishes first before loading, AND that there’s no soap granules left in the dispenser after it runs (I’ve read reviews and am now panicked). I will likely spend the night reading the manual and hoping to understand how to, once and for all, use the wine stem latch on the top rack. A new dishwasher and a garbage disposal—I never thought I’d say it—are truly a Valentine’s Day dream.



  1. Ummm I want a new vacuum cleaner. No roses, Chanel or fancy dinner a vacuum cleaner please.

  2. If you have a problem with the dishwasher getting things clean, particularly if you have hard water in your area, add a cup of vinegar when you start the machine. It works wonders.

  3. A little late to the party, but I have a Miele (installed and paneled along with the SubZero back in the Dark Ages of 2003), and was soon thereafter distressed to learn that the European brands (at least then; I don’t know about now) did not dispose of the larger bits, and not only did one need to manually clean a filter, but that the machine clogs every now and then — resulting in far more labor than picking out those soggy cereal bits and other detritus from the sink drain. I had never pre-rinsed a dish in my life with any other dishwasher, and all I could think was, “Really? Four figures for THIS?” I couldn’t even feel stupid about it, because who would even think that a dishwasher — especially some fancy-schmancy one — wouldn’t at least perform this function as any average American brand? Also, you could watch grass grow faster than waiting for a wash to end. Not too great with cleaning, either, and this is with regular doses of vinegar. I never thought I’d be administering the occasional douche to a dishwasher, but here I am 13 years later, still seething with regret.

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