maybe I’ll talk about something other than girl scouts

How about the hell that has been my life in all of scouting. See, Sir Luke was jealous that Abigail had all the fun. So, sure, you want to be a Cub Scout? Why the fcuk not. Add it to my list. Wait, now. Wha? You have to build a car out of solid wood? Go fcuk yourself.

Or call your grandfather. Sorry, I can craft with the best of them, and I pull meetings out of my bellybutton, but whittle wood with my bare hands? Fcuk heavens no. Only, unfortunately for me, yes. At one point Lucas and I wrapped sandpaper (we used 5 different types!) around a Lego, and I put an axle (read: nail) in a handheld drill and polished that shit. Yes, I sanded plastic wheels. There was a lot of trucker mouth on this here mama.

But here’s what followed… (VIDEO INSERTED BELOW)



  1. Aw!! I love this post! such pure pride & joy! made me smile… great great job!!!
    Just be careful it doesn’t go to his head & he wants to be a professional race car driver — he already looks the part! Thanks for sharing

  2. Sorry if this is too honest, but I’ve been a longtime reader and I have to say it seems like you have really lost yourself to being a stay at home mom. It seems like you constantly have nothing to talk about but your kids activities, your kids drama, and your weight gain which is clearly linked to the fact that you have nothing going on in your life besides your kids. Totally unsolicited advice, but you need to gain some perspective. Get a real job (teach photography, writing, English, etc.) Hire a babysitter to watch your kids some of the time. Take a step back.

    1. How about you use your real name, rather than hiding behind anonymous. Perhaps you are being a troll on the internet because you have nothing else better to do. For someone to comment like that, you must have something going on with you that causes you to be so rude. Too bad there isn’t a class you can take on how to not be a troll

  3. Too cute and funny! I say that from experience, having lived through the hell of the Cub Scouts pinewood derby. Unfortunately, we didn’t fare as well.

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