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You already know of my perfume preoccupation. But what you didn’t know, and nor did I, is of my tea obsession. It’s basically perfume that you can drink. I’d always seen tea as a milquetoast option, the ugly sister to coffee. But now, oh now, I’ve found a new love.

I’ve been sugar-free for over a month now. That is, I’ve gone without any added sugar or artificial sweeteners. I’ve read every label, refused grilled steak because Phil marinated it in Korean BBQ sauce (read: high fructose corn syrup). I’ve even avoided all fruit, even berries. Have I lost any weight out of the deal? 10 lbs. With another 25 lbs. to go.
Lily's Stevia Sweetened ChocolateNow, sometimes, I’ll admit, I crave something sweet, especially at my bedside, while Phil is enjoying City Bakery cookies the size of a toddler’s face. So, I’ve taken to eating a few squares of Lily’s “no sugar added” chocolate bars. And when I say a few squares, I mean at least half a bar (10 net g carbs for half the bar, and so very worth it). Salted Almond Milk is my best-loved, but I relish them all. I’m trying to make them more of an occasional treat than a nightly bedtime story. Enter tea, plain or clouded with heavy cream.

Over the kids’ recent break, we met up with my first cousin and her four kids, my first cousins once removed. They live all of 10 minutes from our house, but with four kids, my cousin’s to-do, to-go sport practice schedule is busier than mine. So while she and I get together often enough, our kids don’t have that chance as often. A half hour – 40 minutes from my home is Manhattan, and all the tea salons therein. My post to follow this one will map out exactly where we went, and also my future to-do list!

Now, here’s what I’m most excited to share. Should you be that psychotic tea fiend with a major case of FOMO (fear of missing out), fear not. Just as there are sites where you may catalog your perfume, makeup, and cookbook collections (I’ve written of all three), there’s Steepster.

Because tea is now my salve for all, I’m amassing quite the wishlist. Well, if four wishes is considered a mass. I’m picky. I’m also happy to copycat the Plaza Hotel’s Palm Court (the teas on their afternoon tea menu are from Le Palais des Thes). But, I’m always desperate for suggestions from readers because you guys never steer me wrong. My Rooibos des Vahines can’t get here fast enough, which means it’s a day and a half away. Lord love me some Amazon Prime (free 30-day trial).

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Here’s the next big thing that’s hitting my wishlist. The Breville One Touch Tea Maker. A gospel choir just sang. That would be ideal, but it’s a bit costly for, ya know, basically pouring hot water over leaves. But I’ve never met a Breville product that I haven’t liked. Everything they make is good (their toaster oven is my favorite and most used kitchen item ever). There are other tea maker versions I’m considering. But I know I need something because I want four cups at a time, and I want ’em hot, but not over-steeped and bitter. On the hunt!

breville tea

This post contains affiliate links. All opinions mine all mine, and no, I wasn’t paid or compensated in any way to write this. xo

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  1. As a fellow tea obsessive, I recommend anything from Mariage Freres (particularly lapsong souchong. Kusmi tea is also great. Oh and try and find some Russian Caravan tea!

  2. Try Jasmine Pearls. I get mine from Teavana, but Adagio also carries it. The smell is divine, and the jasmine gives it a slightly sweet taste that is just right. One of my favorite parts of living in Beijing, is getting to go to the tea shops and try the many kinds of tea.

  3. We are huge tea drinkers in
    Our house and monk tea is my all round favorite. The Breville Tea maker is fabulous. I have had one for five years and it was working just fine until the first time my husband decided to try and clean it in the dishwasher… Needless to say it was a long 2 week wait for the new one to arrive.

  4. Tell me more about the sugar free thing? How’s it going and was it hard to start? I’m so addicted I feel like I need something sweet after every meal. What about carbs and wine? Cutting anything else besides sugar and sweetener? Any tips for snacks?

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