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I normally don’t do this. Just post a comment from a reader in plain site, making it content. Mostly because at some points in my life, sentiments similar to this one have been expressed, but they weren’t always felt–on my end. I felt this one today. Maybe because it’s what I needed to hear, or maybe because I believe in me, too. Either way, thank you.

I have this page bookmarked, and I have returned to it again and again over the last couple of months. I will again, I know – I wish it weren’t so, but I have to accept that it is going to take a long time to get through this. This? Exactly what you describe above [in your post titled, “Advice Is What You Want When You Already Know The Answer.”]

Stephanie, what you do is let me know that I am not alone – at a time when I feel so very alone, and terrified, that at times it seems I just can’t make it. You do the same for many others, I know (I have read not just many of your posts, but also many of the comments).

I adore you, applaud your honesty, and thank you. I actually don’t remember how I first found you at a time when I needed to hear you so much – I am just thankful I did. Serendipity maybe.”

I’m confident things will turn around for you, too. Just push on through it, girly. And in a way, as odd as it sounds, I’m always right here with you. I know that sounds… kinda creepy, but so many of you have helped me through, just by being on the other side of this white window. So, I’m listening (So not said in a Dr. Frasier Crane way). Or as one reader wrote to me while Lucas was in the hospital, “We’re keeping the light on.”


  1. I just re-read that referenced entry, and it completely resonated with me. I know that I will be on that other side soon, but it can’t come quickly enough.

    I do not want him back, but you’re right that I do want what’s easy back.

    Thank you for reminding me that this isn’t the end but the beginning of something great.


  2. Just wanted to stop by and say that I absolutely adore you and your writing. You are fantastic, girl!

  3. plain SIGHT!

    that’s all i want to say, though i’ve been told i need to write more to get my comment to you.

  4. I have that entry book marked, I have shared it with friends and I have reread it multiple times. You really have a way Stephanie, and I love reading all your entries and books. Thank you!

  5. I printed this our weeks ago and still read it at least once a week. Thank you for writing it.

  6. I love that you have so many reader. And I too enjoy reading your blog and reading about your life. Its great that you can let so many people into your world

  7. Chiming in to thank you for your posts over the years. Two years ago, a bad breakup left me unable to sleep nor focus for months. At work, when I felt myself losing control I would often re-read one of your blogs I had bookmarked for inspiration. They always comforted and calmed me down… In a way that, surprisingly, none of my friends nor family was able to.

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