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I’ve discovered a new product with which I’m obsessed, only this time it’s not for my hair, it’s for my food. No, I’m not getting paid in any way to say this. Just sharing the love. Eco-friendly Maison Le Grand is a line of cold-processed sauces made of natural, raw ingredients. I own at least 5 cookbooks dedicated to "raw" food. I didn’t buy these cookbooks, mind you. They were given to me as gifts. Nor have I ever used them, but they look pretty on my shelf. This is not the case with the Maison Le Grand products… they look pretty, very pretty on the shelves of my fridge, but I use ’em. And I love that they come in little pouches, like Capri Sun, ready for a love-squeeze, great for when you only need a kiss of flavor (and they last for 3 weeks in the fridge). Their pestos, tapenades, and sauces can be used for everything from pizza toppings to savory muffins to sandwich spreads for your paninis. 

My absolute favorite item is the Garden Pesto. It is clean, fresh, and bright. Lively, really. It wakes up my whole mouth. I can’t explain other than to say it’s just so vibrant. So Italy, without being weighed down in too much parmesean. Their garden version actually isn’t even made with nuts, no pine nuts. It’s South Beach Diet friendly (I actually eat it out of the package, plain, with my finger, as I stand with the fridge open.) I love it mixed in with egg whites and chopped tomato. And bonus, the kids love it too. Can’t beat that. I’ve found them at Wholefoods and hear they’re also at Zabar’s (where you can also order online).

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Ooh, another little something I discovered at the market the other day were these filling, healthy, Garden Lites souffles. Gluten free.

I’m always looking for quick and easy, as well as healthy foods.

Got any suggestions? I’ve got to get back on track with a more healthful lifestyle instead of looking forward to a big ass quadruple-layer-wedge of carrot cake (as I did last night).

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  1. Do you read She’s a natural foods vegetarian and I am not, really, but I still find a lot of really appetizing, really healthy things to make that taste great.

    I just bought her cookbook and am enjoying that too. I’m not sure I’ll ever be sourcing 17 different kinds of whole-grain flour with different gluten contents, but she’s inspired me to look for a couple. And when I find something beautiful at the farmer’s market but am not sure what to do with it, I know I can search by ingredient on her website and find a yummy way to prepare it.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion!

    I have been trying to do the healthy thing lately, too. I have been eating vegetarian and vegan as much as possible, which is why I was delighted the other day to see that you had made those vegan cupcakes!

    Have you see that Alicia Silverstone has written a new cookbook. I am excited to get my hands on it, I hear there are some fab recipies in there…

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