old habits die hard

I’m a movie junkie. Hardcore on a drip junkie.

It’s a Dido day, despite my addiction to the Garden State Soundtrack. You’re going to have to bear down with me here because I’m about to “girl out” in a very chick-flick way. Alfie. I can’t fcuking wait. Two words: Jude Law. I saw the original with Michael Caine, and I’m sorry, Michael Caine, even in his heyday full of fantastic lighting and forgiving camera angles was never a two-word bold-faced Jude Law.

More than Alfie, I am desperate to see Closer. Desperate in a very heaving bosom, breathy way. The opening sequence of the trailer is all drama in that “why can’t that be my life” way, except without being hit by the truck.

Sideways is me. I’m Paul Giamatti in a skirt. From the disdain of merlot to quirky seriousness. In a skirt I tell you.

Raising Helen is now out on DVD. I’ll watch it at least 3 times this weekend, then I’ll walk around cleaning the apartment quoting the movie to the dog.

It’s Friday, which means a movie. I have to sneak away this afternoon for some “creative inspiration.” I hope it rains all weekend so I can write and wear socks and drink tea and snuggle. Sunny weekends in Manhattan are going to be the death of me.



  1. It is October and nothing is better this month than a nice scarey ass flick… I think that new Sarah Michelle Gellar flick is a good place to start!!

  2. Could not agree more!

    Sarah Michelle Gellar's photo on the cover on one of the lastest Conde Nast magazines reminded me of Evil Lynn from the He-Man cartoons.

    Fucking frightening. She needs to eat. And stop acting.

  3. Three things in your post made me very, very excited:
    1)Jude Law (no explanation required)
    2)Quoting the movie to your dog (my dog and I talk moves/tv frequently. OK, mostly just the show "Dogs with Jobs", but we still talk.)
    3) Socks/tea (fuzzy/sweet, both symbolize fall)


  4. Aaah- it's so nice to know that there's someone else out there that pines for that occasional rainy day so they have an excuse to stay inside. The sunny days make me feel so guilty sometimes!

  5. Damn…Paul Giamatti in a skirt!! Sweet!! Especially Paul Giamatti as Harvey Pekar in a skirt!

    I'm stoked about Sideways also.

    I dig Jude Law, even though I'm a hetero man; I like his attitude about working out:
    (paraphrasing) "Why would any man want to get tits?"

  6. I had not even heard of "Closer". After watching the preview, all I can say is thanks! Julia and Natalie…absolutely perfect (hubba hubba). Life must just be sooo hard when the choice is between those two.

    I think that Jude Law defines star power with attitude, looks, and talent.

  7. I don't usually do this, but I have to comment, mostly because my favorite actor's ex-roommate has some amazing movies coming out and I'm glad not to be the only one who cares.

    Sky Captain was brilliant, like no other film in the world.

    The preview for Closer made me scream the first time I saw it. I honestly have to hold myself back every time I go see a movie, or I'll piss off my fellow patrons with my unbridled excitement at the depth of that kiss between Jude Law and Julia Roberts.

    As if Alfie wasn't already perfection, I never would have thought to cast Jude Law…so simple, so brilliant…

    And I <3 Huckabees has taken a very close backseat to All About Eve in the suburban of favorite movies f all time. Or I guess it's sitting shotgun, in the "favorite color movie of all time" slot.

    Nonsense, I tell you. I'm full of it. (Rent eXistenZ; it's crazy)

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