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Anitame_1 It’s Saturday afternoon; I should be outside shopping, reading, or doing something cultural. But I’m hungover from a lack of sleep and a bounty of Linus in my face all night. The TV’s on, and I was forced to hit “guide” to see what this amazing movie is. Anita & Me. I’d never heard of it, but it’s amazing in that coming of age, this is me, way. A time of diaries with locks, hiding Our Bodies Ourselves under your bed, bras, deodorant, and kissing in closets. Boobies. Hair. Trying to fit in, from sneakers, to hair, socks, and boys. Puberty. I think the most awkward times in our lives are the most interesting. If you agree, you’ll love Anita & Me. It’s darling, quite hysterical, and moving. It conjures memories of young friends, the kind you climbed trees and played tag with, but once the boy girl parties began, left you for alone. Left you with the nerds eating at Friendly’s and renting from Blockbuster instead of drinking or pot. I spent my adolescence alone; maybe everyone feels that way.



  1. I haven't got round to seeing the film version, but the original book by Meera Syal is worth reading.

  2. I definitely spent MY adolescence reading Francesca Lia Block books, and walking alone at night under streetlamps…

    But you know, I think the people who had really tight, wonderful groups of friends in high school have a hard time adjusting at college. They mill around, looking rather lost and cloudy-headed, like ducklings with no mother. I changed, and made friends the first year of college… because I threw myself into it with vim and gusto, I had more fun.

    But then again, I know people who were– and still are (in college) awkward, shy, and odd (in that painful self-loathing way). And some people, I think, will always stay so.

  3. Good movie; Lynn Redgrave is so solid; if you liked Bend it Like Beckham, you'll dig this.

    Good find, Stephanie. Glad you're bringing this to US audiences' attention.

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