nudie photos and boosies

Alg_carrie_donald There’s something to be said for the morning. For waking early and accomplishing things. For doing what they do in movies: sitting at an actual kitchen table. Hair still wet from a shower. Morning talk shows. Scrambled eggs. No dishes in the sink. A to-do list before you with the ingredients for your weekend "quick" paella, for more whole bean espresso, for hemorrhoid cream.

Arriving at the market five minutes before it opens. Sitting in the parking lot, watching all the other women sitting in their cars, waiting. Watching. Pushing back their cuticles. I like these quiet mornings of grocery shopping and coffee. With the voices of women on talk shows, remarking on obviously posed nude photos of Miss California Carrie Prejean, hardly between shots–the ocean looks calm, not a hair out of place, wind? Really? The wind blew your vest open? It’s a whole lotta talk about boosies*. And thank goodness. I love me some boosies.

*Housewives of New Jersey, that was for you ladies.

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  1. My five-year old tells me he loves the smell of my coffee. And I know it's because of his association with our quiet, slow weekend mornings when we play in our pajamas and ease into the day with lots of possibilities and few commitments.

  2. That is SO true. I saw her interview on Good Morning, America this morning. And she was asked "You don't consider these photos semi-nude" and she's all "ABSOLUTELY not."

    Wait. You are wearing panties……that's pretty semi to me. I really don't care about it. I am all fore boobs and nudity, but seriously, don't be so obviously lying about it.

  3. The ridiculous part of it is that the photos would never have been an issue if she hadn't had the gall to answer a question about her opinion with her actual opinion! Perez Hilton is such a petulant child. I don't agree with her view on the subject, but PH didn't ask, "What do you think my opinion is on this subject?" Of course, the whole pageant is a joke anyway. And why such an uproar over boobs when the pageant, itself, bought them for her? You would think they'd be happy to have her show off their investment.

  4. Hey Steph,

    I totally watched the RHWofNJ last night…and I believe they kept calling them "buhbies" (BUHHH-BEES!).

    If loving that show is wrong, I don't want to be right.

  5. You're right. It was "buhbies". My second favorite line "My husband Joe is big and juicy." This may be the most fun RHW's yet.

  6. New video of the sprouts is cute. Much clearer than the others. I love that your little boys favorite color right now is pink. It takes a real man to like pink and be proud of it. Sorry for hijacking this thread.

  7. I could not agree with you more. I also don't agree with her opinion but she had the right to express it, no matter how clumsily. And as for these pics, what's the big deal?

  8. Oh god I'm so with you on this – PH is a total asshole – whilst I completely disagree with her opinion, he asked her what it was, and she's entitled to it.
    He's such a vaccuous dumb-ass that he doesn't realise how contradictory it is to vilify this woman for having a differing opinion to him – isn't that the kind of prejudice he's supposedly against? When it comes to rights, freedom of expression NO MATTER WHAT YOU ARE SAYING, is the cornerstone of a free society, and without that basic freedom, you cannot/will not have a society that allows for gay marriage – Civil Liberties 101, Perez – although something tells me dude didn't go to university.
    …. obviously I'm a bit pissed about the whole episode

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