Mirror Mirror, Let Me Guess.

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  1. I love the video of you and Lea with your mother. When she had you turn around to show your hair, it seemed like she was having you put on a show. Just wondering, did you ever feel like her validation was through you? That she was, and is, living vicariously through your success?

  2. So I just linked this to a friend and followed it by saying
    "I want to be her when I grow up", not that I'm not an adult I'm 23, but I just don't FEEL grown. Anyways– thanks for not being affraid to put it all on the table, and to be silly!!!

  3. Okay…. I CAN NOT figure out how to embed this into my facebook.

    Can you pm me on facebook and let me know? Technology drives me insane sometimes.


  4. I have to tell you, I really thought this was a SATC rip off. Right down to the color of the "May 5". Just be yourself.

  5. Sister friend, you are hotter than balls! Can't wait for MOOSE.

  6. Very nice.

    Ana Clark, I do not think you can embed in Facebook, but you may be able to link to it.

  7. I usually only have positive things to say here, but that's *WAY* too "Sex and the City" for me. I think Sarah Jessica instead of Stephanie, and that's not a good thing.


  8. My boss just came over to see what I was laughing so hard at. Thanks for making my day.

  9. I just added this to my site as well. You rock. The actress with you made some priceless expressions.

  10. Priceless! I loveloveLOVE it! And it's up on my blog. You, dear lady, "are hotter than balls!" Although I'm slightly concerned with my B-I-L, who reads my site from work. Hopefully he won't have the volume up too loud. And if he does, I can't wait to hear the reaction! (hehehehe) Sshhhhh.

    Ya know, I think you could be an actress as well Stephanie. I mean as a fall back career. Although I'm sure you have several more books in you; your facial expressions and charisma do translate wonderfully on video! ;-)


  11. A BIT over the top?! How about totally over the top as it is supposed to be.

    I want MOOSE now.

  12. That video is so NOT Sex and the City! I've read this blog for years, and to me, it's pure Stephanie. And that's a compliment.

  13. I'm a huge SATC fan and I do not think that Stephanie's video reminds me of SATC. I think it was great. Off to embed in myspace…

  14. The music was kinda boom-chica-bow-bow-ish but that added to the fun. And I loved that blue shirt the other girl was wearing it looked like it was from anthropologie. I'd also like to post the video on one of my site pages but they're set to private; I purposely don't want anyone I don't know reading them. I guess it makes it pointless.
    I agree with a previous commenter: it's hard to pull that off and not look painfully self conscious. You have enough charisma to do it though. Maybe you'll do a walk on on your upcoming tv show? That would be pretty exciting.

  15. I dont want to be entered into the contest (would rather meet you in person in HOTlanta but oh well!) but I will pimp it for you.
    I think you did a good job. I like it.
    You're trying just enough but not too hard.
    And you do look great.

  16. Okay the embedding doesnt work on MySpace.
    Let us know if you upload it somewhere else (photobucket) and I'll pimp it.
    Good luck with the book.

  17. It reminded me of very much of something we'd see Elaine Benes do on Seinfeld. It didn't strike me as original or funny. No offense meant, just my 2 cents.

  18. i'm not sure why but the video isn't working on my myspace. it was funny though! so true, so true. gotta love those awkward bathroom encounters.. but usually i'm the other girl who is smiling politely as she awkwardly makes her way to the door.

  19. Where did you find a bathroom for this? Really professionally done as well sister friend!

  20. I was ready to roll my eyes, but I do this all the time so I had to share it with my friends. Very funny!

  21. Just added your video to my blog.

    Did you write this or was it improve? Awesomely funny!

  22. You look like a chunker. Sorry. I'm glad you're happy at your current weight though. Also, you need some more layers around the face. And as far as the acting goes? Stick to writing "sister friend."

  23. I LOVE LOVE LOVED IT!!!! The video doesn't show on my space. any clue what's wrong with it? I am super excited to enter into the contest.

  24. Oh, this is SO fantastic. There is something about you clearly not taking yourself seriously that makes you all the more endearing. ROCK IT sistafrien.

  25. I clicked over to your blog and work. Once I saw the title I thought, oh no, the internet police are going to think I'm surfing p0rn sites!

    But the video is hilarious. You are very brave.

  26. What I loved most about this video is it has nothing at all to do with the book MOOSE besides having a shot of the cover. How f*cking clever. You made a funny video. Bravo!

  27. Very cute! You MUST watch "Affirmation Girl" by Lisa Nova on Youtube…you will laugh your butt off. She does videos almost exactly like yours!

  28. You should make a few of these. Maybe some webisodes? Great job!

  29. It's not SATC. It's half the Golden Girls – Blanche Devereaux and Dorothy Zbornak combined into one.

  30. Wow. The comment that you are a 'chunker' killed me. I guess 99.9% of us are 'chunkers' in your high opinion 'me'. Let's see you do a short video so we can critique? Thanks.

  31. email me and i'll be happy to provide photographic proof of my non-chunkerness. um… i don't post videos on the internet… because not everyone should. only funny people should. i'm not a comedienne, hence i'm sparing everyone. as should stephanie.

  32. Sorry, I found this canned. Sorry, but it reminded me of Michael Scott (the Office). You look great, though.

  33. This is what is great about the internet. I love how you can make a fun video which doesn't speak at all about your book except for a screen shot of the cover and people can-

    1- Get angry enough at you to complain you're marketing your book
    2- critique this 45 seconds as if it is the oscars
    3- Evaluate your weight
    4- Compare this video which ahs nothing to do with SATC nor is anything like SATC to SATC

    Man, you have think skin. I'd delete those comments. Congratulations on doing a great job of making people smile. I know you didn't have a movie studio budget and created something for fun. It worked. Those who can't do as you do anonymously criticize.

    I love the internet.

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