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I’m not much of a live blogger. I like to experience something, sit with it, stir around with it, before commenting on it. Still, I figured I’d give it a go, and with what else but LOST.

–Opening with Jack’s eye. I’ve seen this before. Where’s the dog with the white tennis shoe? The whole series began this way.. No "I wish…" note though. Is that Hurley we hear?

Hurley with Charlie’s guitar case? Like that’d keep the man afloat? This is the river where Sawyer and Kate dove for the suitcase with the pistol. Of course she’s alive. Silly.

Aww. The lovely Miss Hawkings. She’s ready to get started, no Kate, no Aaron, no Hurley, no Sayid. Just Sun, Desmond, Jack, and Ben. Ben looks as if he’s never been here before, at "The Lampost." Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but Ben told Locke that the person who moves the island can never go back. So Ben’s not going to the island? Just coercing them all into going back?

"This man" determined equations to figure out where the island was going to be. Who was "this man?" Daniel?

Jack has a binder that tells him Nagira Airlines. I’ve heard that name before. Flight 316. That was the airline Juliet mentioned two episodes ago, the one with the funky water bottle washed up with the old-school boats. So when Sawyer and crew were being shot at for stealing the boats, it was in the future, and the people shooting at him were quite possibly Jack and co. But why wouldn’t they all time jump together?

John Locke… "I wish" note from the dead. Why would Jack buy it? I thought the island wouldn’t let you kill yourself? Ms. Hawkings tells Jack to give something of his father’s to John Locke’s corpse. "Leap of faith…" thrown around again.

Who’s Ben lighting a candle for? Alex? Oh good, some Jesus talk. I should wake the kids for this. "We’re all convinced sooner or later," anyway. A promise to an old friend… hmm. To try to kill Penelope Widmore? A promise to Charles to get him back? Obviously he can’t kill Charles, as he’s his constant.

Jack, when the phone rings, you say, "This is he," not "This is him."

Ray, huh? Grand-dad. Who says the word Grand-dad? Oooh, cue the music. It’s your father’s shoes. That could drive a Jack to drink… well, what do you say?…

Who will be that noise coming from somewhere in his house? Someone’s alseep. Is it gold-i-locks? Are you two gonna smooch?  Ugh, Kate, WTF? Seriously? Never ask me about your own nephew ever again if you expect me to return to the island with you? Come on.

Hot damn, Jack just mentioned the white tennis shoes, the ones he put on his father, the one in the dog’s mouth at the opening scene of the PILOT episode of Lost. Just a guess here.

Who doesn’t read someone else’s suicide note? Come on.

Oh, no you didn’t. "Condolences on your friend." Who are you? The bad dudes who are shooting bullets at Sawyer, Juliet, and co., in the flash forward? Oh, look, Sayid in handcuffs, just as Kate was.

Obviously Charlie must have visited Hurley telling him to go back, why else the guitar case? Notice Desmond is not on the plane? Oh for the love of smoke monsters will you read the letter Jack!!! Woo hoo. Frank Lapedis. "We’re not going to Guam are we?" FUCKING LOVE IT.

Ben’s reading Joyce’s Ulysses. Ben’s going to rip that letter out of Jack’s hand. He’ll never read the thing. Ben, you’re not going to let Jack read that. You’re going to plant doubt in his mind and trick him into not reading it, while you send the plane down. Cause that’s what you do.

Okay, so you read it, and it was short. I wish you had believed me.

And just like that, you can’t remember anything, same as in Narnia.


  1. The guitar case would totally keep him afloat. In fact, with that BMI, there's a lot of doubt as to whether Hurley could sink at all.

    Trust me.

  2. I was skeptical at first of how Eloise Hawking suddenly went from "God help us all if you don't get all 6 of them here" to "Well this will do, for now" until she explained why they were needed at all. It seems to me that she really has no idea if this will work but she wants to try anyway, so she'll take what she has. It's also entirely possible she knew the rest would be joining them even if it wasn't revealed at that point in the story.

    The guy at the airport has to be one of Widmore's guys. Just has to be. The way that they made a point of Jack and Hurley interacting with this particular guy, he's pivotal to the story to be revealed.

    Oh, yea, it was totally Daniel that came up with all those equations. I have no doubt.

    Tai- why do you need to be so mean about Hurley's weight? The reason he stayed afloat had nothing to do with his BMI, the water wasn't even that deep. Any chance to take a shot at someone for being "not perfect" I suppose.

  3. If Locke is to be a proxy for Jack's dad, is Kate to be a proxy for Claire? The scene with her and Jack making out seems completely superfluous to the situation unless Kate is trying to conceive before she gets on the plane. Did Ben somehow convince Kate that was the only way she could hope to see Aaron again?

    I suck at Lost theories but that seemed like a weird time for Jack and Kate to be all over each other.

  4. I was hoping that the note would tell Jack NOT to go back to the island!! After Charlotte warned them that the island was "death" I feel that they are all being tricked into going back there..

    This show is so intense/frustrating/confusing.. but I love it!

  5. Nobody asked Ben why he was all banged up and bleeding? I too thought about Kate having to be the Claire. So maybe Sayid took the rap for Hurley afterall and that's how he ends up in cuffs? Where is Abbadon? Haven't seen his creepy face in awhile. And Walt? Hmmm, is there a Vincent on the plane, lol. Glad to see you blogging about Lost! I would've commented sooner, but here in Arkansas we worship basketball. I can't watch Lost until the next day.

  6. Yeah I did wonder why Ben was all beaten up as well.. Someone on a LOST message board said it might have something to do with Penny? Not too sure about that..

  7. On the plane when Ben was reading and Jack asked him "how can you do that?" Ben replies: "My Mom taught me"…..Um didn't we learn that Ben's Mom died in childbirth? or am I smoking some Lost crack?

    Anyone catch that? Does that mean anything?

  8. I thought it was interesting that no one bothered to ask why Ben was beat up as well.

    I also think it's important that things keep ending up back at the church. Echo was building a church. The Lamp post is in a church. I just think it's significant to the story.

    What do we think Kate did with Aaron?

  9. April – sorry, I wasn't trying to be mean. I'm chubby – and the chubbier I get the easier it is to float, that's all.

  10. WOW! Was there just a throw-down in the comments about a fictional character's weight?!

    HA! Sometimes, it's just…weird. Like LOST.

    My friend has a fat dog, and he named him–you guessed it–HURLEY! The dog seems fine with it.

    Tai, I can second that. I'm kinda fat, and I totally float. Makes it easier to, say, float up to a poolside bar in Vegas and get a drink. And float away. Which I hope to be doing in April.

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