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Feb315 For Valentine’s Day, Phil surprised me with a case of Peju Provence California Red & White Blend, my favorite selection from our visit in Napa. I presented him with his and her lenses: a 50 mm f1.4 for the canon and one for my Nikon. So we’ve been sampling both: the lenses and the wine. The wine is actually the scraps of the harvest, a mix of reds and whites. Peju’s description: Aromatic notes of bright cherry and raspberry tartlets, with a slight touch of cranberry and pretty floral notes. It displays flavors of fresh ripe red fruit with a hint of strawberry rhubarb pie. Its pleasing impression on the palate is followed by a refreshing finish which begs for a second glass.

Strawberry rhubarb pie? No. Rhubarb, as far as I’m concerned, is simply pink celery. The Provence blend tastes like strawberry. I love it. Even if it is… pink. Tomorrow I plan on playing with my camera (a Nikon D300) and my new lens. I’m not sure what I’ll photograph, or even what my next move in life is. Everything is up in the air, and I’m wondering where I’ll end up falling.

I’m not sure what my next project will be. I need to feel passionate about it, or I don’t want to work on it. But it’s like choosing new wallpaper for your bedroom. You have to pick something you want to look at all day and night, that hopefully won’t make you want to vomit. I think it might be one of those things that will come upon me. I don’t know that it’s something I can just brainstorm. So in the meanwhile, I’ll be reading, drinking, and observing with camera and Peju in hand.

As for Mr. Bikini, I’ll say this: at least the boy knows to poop outside the house. I couldn’t deal right now with two poop smearers. More on that little lover dog tomorrow.

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  1. Was also at the Peju tasting room this past September, and I cannot say I was impressed with their Provence. And I am a rose lover too. However, still a case of your favorite wine is a really thoughtful gift! I'd be tickled… pink. I am jealous of the lenses gift. How nice.

  2. I absolutely, positively cannot believe that beautiful little girl would ever be so crass as to poop dive. Perhaps you're simply hallucinating.

  3. What beautiful subjects for your photography hobby. They are adorable and the pictures are great.

  4. Love Abigail's picture with Mr. Bikini in the background. Just wondering the f-stop and lens you used. I love the effect of the out of focus Mr. Bikini.

  5. so i have to ask…any news on the pilot? You are talking about starting a new project, but didnt see an update on the TV show…

  6. does the Peju taste like a dry provence rose or is it more like a sweeet california rose ?

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