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Tuna TarTar on thin rice crisps
Mini Cuban sandwiches
Crab salad in cocktail tomatoes
Goat cheese roasted red pepper tartlets
Grilled pear on mini waffles with chevre
Pulled pork on waffles with granny smith apple
Something with a mixture of spinach, pine nuts, and golden raisins
Polenta squares with wild mushroom
Sticky coconut rice balls, perhaps with a few hidden cubes of a mango tucked inside
Parmesan tulips
Crustless spinach souffles
Oyster shots with mignonette sauce
A shitpile of pigs-in-a-blanket

If I were throwing an Oscar’s party, this would be my over-ambitious menu. No rhyme. No reason. I know I could go the upscale consession stand route, updating popcorn to be truffled, to make lamb sausages rolled in puff pastry with a tsaziki dipping sauce. I could even make adult slushies with rum. I love Oscar parties more than any other party, even more than Christmas parties. And yet, I’ve never actually been invited to one or known anyone else to throw one. People in magazines seem to have them. Entertainment web sites seem to photograph decor for them. Recipe sites offer up menu ideas, only they name certain dishes after the nominees. There will be a Frost/Nixon cocktail for sure. Some New Orleans "Benjamin Button" appetizer that might just include crayfish AND a praline. There will be kobe beef slumdogs with dijon mustard. And I will be jealous of these people with their raised pinkies and mini pot-pies. But I will, as always, enjoy the dead people montage with the best of ’em.

My last Oscar’s party

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  1. I'm not nearly as food obsesses/cooking savvy but this looks amazing. I have known one couple who threw an Oscar party and it ended in spilled wine, a broken engagement and my ride ditched me to hook up with someone's first date. Bitchin'! So yeah, no. My best Oscar party was spent in a bar in Boystown (neighborhood in Chicago) at a gay bar swilling cocktails our flamboyuant hilarious bartender made up.. and the running commentary at the bar was priceless. I highly suggest that option for all who do not know of a party to attend.

    Anyway I love these links to your past… amazing the one 4 yrs ago and now look at you. It's neat. Are you and Phil discussing a move?

    I can see why you miss the old apartment it looked cozy. I instantly think of my apartments when I was single and for a moment smile but am glad I have the family I wanted. Although a weekend with friends, lounging and poking around a bookstore would be divine.

    PS- I love seeing Phil's comments in the old posts. It's sweet!

  2. I am salvitating while reading your menu. Sounds like you know how to throw one hell of a party. I have made spanikopita, but do a healthier version that my bestie (who is 100% Greek) gave to me. Do you make it the traditional way?

    I am going to play along–I love menu planning/fantasizing. With this menu, I'd serve the cucumber mojitos, champagne, wine, and make Vermont and Italian beer available.

  3. I love your food posts! If I was that creative I would love to throw Oscar parties too.

  4. I'm off topic-What DID you think of LOST? Great episode-
    It wAs worthy of A blog post.

  5. I wish you really were having a party and I was invited! I might eat so much though that I wouldn't be able to get off your couch.

  6. A shitpile of pigs-in-a-blanket. Thank you for this. I was very close to racing up to kitchen, opening fridge and chewing anything in my path. I now have a mental image I plan to keep and refer to at critical moments.

  7. We just had a Valentine's/birthday party for a friend and served mini mufaletta skewers. On the stick, marinated in walnut-balsalmic vinaigrette: rolled-up ham, hard salami and provolone, green and black olives, and roasted red pepper, with giardiniera and toasted mini-rolls served on the side. If you stand the skewers in glass vases on the table, the presentation is nice. Your mini-cubans made me think you might enjoy this.

  8. My cousin used to have this very elaborate Oscar party…The meal was potluck mostly snacks, salads and sandwiches with some great deserts. Each particapant put in $5 or $10 to go for prizes. We would be given a detailed package of picks for the awards which had to be completed and turned in before the ceremonies. Televisions were placed all over the house with trivia games, etc. during the evening. The party was great fun, but much work for my cousin…we have not had one in about three years. She only invited movie lovers to the party.

  9. I think I started to weep a little when I thought of how good this would taste:
    Grilled pear on mini waffles with chevre
    Pulled pork on waffles with granny smith apple

    waffles. everywhere. now.

  10. Fromage de chevre = goat cheese, so I'm a bit puzzled about the difference between the goat cheese and the chevre?
    But by all means, pass me a tartlet, I could use one.

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