there’s a reason for everything

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Last I was in LA, I accidentally left a leather skirt, whip, and sweater in my room. I hadn’t realized until a few days back in Austin. Calls were made. The goods were being held with the cleaning staff. I begged a new friend in LA to please, please, please– "Please, the husband is on it." Her husband was a sweetheart and offered to drive out of his way to help a redhead out. Only, oops, I hadn’t really mentioned where I was staying except in one very brief IM session, so they assumed I was staying at the hotel I normally frequented (The Intercontinental) on Avenue of The Stars, not at my roach motel (The Grafton) on Hollywood Blvd. So he was very patient with the staff at the Intercontinental, apologizing to me that they cannot find it. My bad. After all that, he was able to pick up the goods on Hollywood. And now they remain at their house.

friend: missing your skirt and top yet?
friend: i can mail them to you?
Stephanie Klein: nah
Stephanie Klein: need the closet space?
friend: haha no, i just remembered
Stephanie Klein: i can live without them
Stephanie Klein: if they were sweatpants, it would be a different story…
Stephanie Klein: the story of my life

They say there’s a reason for everything. When you find out your husband is cheating, they tell you it happened for a reason. When you miscarry, it happened for a reason. There’s something else in store for you. But what’s the reason, where’s the divine plan, behind the things we simply forget? I’ve thought about it at times when I’ve driven to the gas station to fill up, only to realize I left my wallet at home. What’s the reason there? That if I hadn’t gone, maybe I’d have gone later and been in a car accident? I don’t know that I buy it.




  1. I don't get it… a whip and sweater and you are now letting it stay behind? maybe i need more coffee.

    I love the industrial shots you took. Thanks for the kick in the ass I planned going out today anyway to take some photos.

    And Phil resembles Jeff Daniels (I think that is his name) the guy in Full House.

    FROM SK: The whip part was a joke.

  2. At the risk of sounding like my mother…did you at least send them some small thank you gift for going to the trouble and inconvenience to retrieve something that you absolutely had to get back and then promptly forgot about and now don't want?

  3. Best outfit ever. There's no way you can leave that behind. Whip, leather skirt, sweater, glasses and a bun? That thar's a nice game of "hot for teacher."

  4. What…? Now you suddenly don't care about the stuff that your friend and her husband spent such time and effort retrieving for you? Hope I'm reading that wrong, because if I were your friend that would really piss me off.

  5. I do buy it. I think everything happens for a reason. Sadly. After miscarriage after miscarriage I birthed the perfect kid. After arrogant boyfriend after boyfriend I fianlly found the one. This is seriously a higher power saying that leather skirts are so passe anyway.

  6. I don't understand this post.

    Are you looking for the 'reason' these people don't want to be friends with you anymore?

    Did you promise "her husband" and the hotels free website publicity or something?

    I'd like to think there is more to this story for your friend's sake.

  7. The stunning part to me about the whole thing is that the hotel actually had the clothes. Every time I leave something in a hotel (which is not, unfortunately, infrequently), they claim to be searching and then never find it. Is there some hotel housekeeper fundraiser on EBay selling all my cell phone chargers and that great pair of shoes?

  8. I can't believe its been 5 years already. Karma would work was the first post I read from your blog!

  9. I don't buy for a second that everything happens for a reason. I think nearly everything is redeemable and that good can come of nearly anything.. but that things happen for a specific reason? Nope. Too many things are just senseless.

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