home again, home again, jiggity pig

Click the actual photo, and it will bring you to the photo that follows. No need to click the thumbnails below. You should come to some color photos, too.

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  1. An excellet photographer can make wonderful use of color and form. Your photos are a great example of what a creative photographer can see in a place where everything already looks like a postcard. Great job, Stephanie.

  2. Hi Stephanie: I'm going to be in N.O. this spring and I have reservations at a hotel on the other side of Canal street from the International House. I'm actually going for a wedding and not only is the International house closer to the wedding, but it's less expensive than the hotel where I currently have a reservation. I know this isn't a travel blog, but I was wondering what your thoughts were on that hotel?

    FROM STEPHANIE- I think the International House was fine. A few caveats- There is construction going on right next door and the noise in the AM is not conducive to sleep. Also, we booked a room not thinking it doesn't default to a king size bed. The Queen room was shockingly small but for $20/night the King works well although still on the small side. The hotel is centrally located. No concierge but the desk were incredibly helpful in helping us navigate a city neither of us knew.


  3. Totally random: My mom always used to say that phrase you use as your hed! But she said "Home again home again jiggety-jog." Weird. Did anyone else grow up with either phrasings? Where does it come from?

  4. Actually, it's "To market, to market, to get a fat pig. Home again, home again, jiggity-jig" It's an old nursery rhyme.

    FROM SK: Yes, I know. In Straight Up & Dirty, when invited to restaurant MARKT, I wrote:

    To Markt, to Markt, I am a fat pig.
    Home alone again, home alone again,
    Will it always be my gig?

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