makin’ up is hard to do

Greektragedy_kevin_2 So it took me a while. The woman has a lot of makeup – an actual professional metal toolbox (in addition to all my makeup bags) chockablock with beautifying goodies. But dammit, here it is: my favorite makeup products. Skincare is a whole ‘nother animal, and I’m not going there. So as promised, here are a few of my most favorite things.

I lived on West 55th street for four years when I lived in New York, and during my time in the hood, many a night was spent walking past Henri Bendel’s, staring longingly at the Kevyn Aucoin The Brush Collection, with Brush Wrap. I’m not going to lie to you. This is STILL something I want. What a luxury, I can’t take it. But really, I would take it.

In my last makeup post, I mentioned a favorite product: Laura Mercier’s Highlighter. It doesn’t make your face shine, and it’s not like it’s porn glitter. We’re not talking Urban Decay here. This is subtle, a filter to the eye that gives you a flawless complexion, especially in photos. I want to be responsible for naming cosmetics. Can you think of a better gig? What girl doesn’t want a “cocktail affair?” As for blush, it might not be terribly original, but I’m a NARS girl. NARS Orgasmicon mixed with my NARS bronzer in Laguna.


For brows it’s all about Anastasia. Key, is her stencils plus  I really think all you need is the right person to shape your brow, then just do some upkeep and filling with the right color.

In the photo above, I’m wearing Laura Mercier Lip Colour in Tea Rose, and a Laura Mercier Metallic Crème Eye Colour in Burnished Copper (similar to her Caviar sticks, which I love). There’s a picture of the tube of it in my makeup drawer in the earlier post. It’s a “lightweight, non-greasy, lush metallic formula that floats across the eye leaving a gorgeous, shimmering sheen. Waterproof.” I swear by it. You need a brush that’s good with creams: Cream Eyeliner Brush.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Stila’s Kitten Shadow is amazing for everyone. It brightens your eye, opens up your face. I won’t say more. I use a lot of Mac eyeshadows. My favorites: Embark, Espresso, Honey LustTemptingPatina, and then the  MAC Eye Fluidline Eye Liner Gel in Dipdown. To turn any shadow into a liquid liner, I don’t use my spit anymore; I use Paul Dorf’s Transformer. And lastly, I want to mention a really unusual product I use. It’s kind of strange, and no, it’s not Vegas face-lift strange (preparation H for the face). At first I thought it was really weird, but then I started to get a lot of compliments when I wore it. Ready: Baby Eyes Eyeliner. It’s a flesh-colored eyeliner. So much better than that white eyeliner trick from the 80s. A description from the site: The Enhancer pencil is a peachy, fleshtone color that helps eyes appear wide-open and awake. Great for both men and women.