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Skmuppet I am hoping to go to the movies today. Get there at the first showing and stay there until about 1pm, given that I have a conference call at 2pm, when the work will start all over again. I’m still sick with a thick cold, so I’ve decided today is a sweatpants of a movie day in the dark. I do wish a new Muppet movie were out though. I LOVE the muppets, and Piggy for obvious reasons. I actually always loved Sam the Eagle, too. "You people are so immature." Now, though, you can actually create your own muppet. want to create one for my office, just to sit on my bookshelf and inspire me to use my imagination. There’s nothing like a muppet to add some cheer to your day. I’m off to go look up movie times. If only Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon’s Four Christmases was in theaters, I’d be set (or not. It was so so terrible). I have no idea what to see. Role Models? (so fantastic and feel good)  Zack and Miri make a porno? Rachel Getting Married?


  1. Rachel Getting Married was weird. I won't say bad, but very odd in an indie film kind of way. The acting was good, but its an odd mood throughout the movie and just kind of an odd storyline. Sorry I can't describe it better than that, but I'm not sure it'd make my top 3 movies to go see right now. I don't know what else is out, but something else HAS to be cheerier than that movie.

  2. I was considering catching Role Models while my little one is in school. I also considered taking him with which I'm sure places me in running for mother of the year. Snort.
    Huge Paul Rudd fan.

  3. I love them too! I had Kermit everything as a kid. I used to hold my beloved tabby cat up in the air and say "Piiigs iiiin spaaaaaaaace".

  4. Rachel Getting Married is a great film, but not a feel good, sweatpants, kind of film. Stick with the porno or role models.

  5. I was going to suggest Rachael getting married because it's the only thing that looks remotely good to see. it's at AMC Barton creek at 11:30 ish. Let us know what you think if you go see it! There was a review on for it giving it an A…hope you feel better. I wish the bride movie with Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson would come out already!!

  6. Loved Rachel Getting Married. You feel like you're a houseguest and it's an awkward place to be with the plotline as dysfunctional as it is, but I thought it was great. Loved the wedding scenes because you really really feel that it was a product of the love of the couple and nothing to do with society expectations… I thought this was the best "wedding" movie I've ever seen and it made me wish we had done something so personal like that for our wedding instead of the church/white dress/bouquet toss thing. I think you'll enjoy it.

  7. Rachel Getting Married was very strange to say the least. I would recommend Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist…so good!

  8. I love the muppets too! Never missed a show. I love the "Rainbow Connection" song.
    As far as movies….I also wish the Vince and Reese movie was out now…can't wait to see it!

  9. Wow, make your own muppet is awesome! I buy the movies for all my friends children…they are so classic and in a weird way when I was little, I always wanted to a muppet. Okay, back to trying to create my personal muppet. Thanks so much for the linking to the website, you've made my day!

  10. those are the next two movies I'll be seeing followed by role models… Its been forever since I went to the movies jeez

    FROM SK: Loved Role Models. I laugh and cried, being the sap that I am.

  11. The last two movies I've seen were High School Musical 3 and Madagascar. I'm doing a big girl movie this week. So going to see Role Models is what I'll do!

    But what's Rachel's Wedding about? I'll have to look it up. I heard not so great things about Zack and Miri but I love Kevin Smith.

  12. I always identified with Scooter. It wasn't until I had be stage managing for almost 15 years that I realized the connection. Sadly, the website has been overwhelmed today and they have shut it down for a while.

    We saw Quantum of Solace this weekend. I really want to see Zack and Mira and I have a huge list of movies come out to see too.

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