vod boxers

I’m heading to the Vod Box inside Nic’s tonight for a straight up drink with my BFF Leigha. Then, I’m hoping to find a restaurant to satisfy my inner foodie fatty, but it needs to be within walking distance because after warming up in a freezer, I won’t be in any condition to drive. I love research. 42 Below makes a ridiculously good HONEY vodka. Also liked their PASSIONFRUIT vodka. Will definitely be adding one of those to my home freezer. Lunch at Porta Via was far better than the last minute lazy dinner at Nic’s. Tonight I’m heading back to Koi with my friend Colleen (and Abigail), which leaves today to work, shop, and grab a lunch somewhere (Doh, no food for me. Bad Jew, what was I thinking? I will instead go to the park and feed the ducks too many carbs–to symbolize the ridding of my sins–not that carbs are always a sin, right?) Oh, how I love it here. I do miss the fam though. Abigail now recites the whole alphabet. Too bad my little monkeys can’t taste the honey vodka; no honey for babies.



  1. I'm no LA expert, but I think E. Baldi, an italian place, is right by there. Was delicious when i went and i had a celeb spotting too.

  2. My problem? My inner food fatty is never satisfied: That was so good! I'll bet this little bit will be delicious, too! Mmm! It was! More!

    So worth it though. Especially post-cocktail.

  3. one of my favorite desserts is at Mastro's Steakhouse. The warm butter cake is heaven on a plate. Yummmmmmy!

  4. Grrrrr! The photos page isn't working properly! And where do I upload my photo – if you click on Change photo, nothing happens!
    And how do you vote for your favourite 'First' photo, that doesn't work either!

  5. Looks like fun! Obviously skipping Yom Kippur this yr?! ;) Go for it! As much as I love the break-fast food, the holiday? Not so much. Would rather be in your shoes. Or coat and hat!!

  6. I swear to God my grandmother has a bathrobe that looks just like that. No hat, though.

  7. Honey is ok for babies after 12 months. I wouldn't advise vodka, though.

  8. What exactly are you in LA for? Research for the show? From the picture, it seems like you're the one that's playing the main character already. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for careers and all, but don't you think of your children when you're out drinking and having fun? it seems like you're leaving all the work. And from your book, it also seems like your turning into your mother in regards to the relationships your developing with your kids. True, its important to put yourself first. That makes you a better mother. But put yourself first for a manicure or pedicure or work. Partying like your twenty just doesn't look that attractive when you're successful and have a husband and twins at home.

  9. Steph- A little judgmental much? Just because someone becomes a mom, doesn't mean they have to end their life. Perhaps your idea of motherhood involves Saturday nights spent at home watching Curious George. Good for you. But you shouldn't judge.

  10. Hey Stephanie! Looks like you're enjoying life :) Good luck with everything and I'll be sending you positive vibes!

  11. You're a foodie? I don't buy it. How are you so thin? :)

    Check out Julienne's in South Pasadena (it's about 15 minutes outside of downtown). You won't regret it.

    PS Welcome to LA!

  12. it is a little bizarre for someone Jewish to leave the family on our most holy day of the year, for work and partying….I remember the whole thing last year when you said yes, you were Jewish but just love having an xmas tree, you must have forgotten to add you also find the high holidays inconvenient and not worth planning around. Interesting………….

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