rethinking the cooch-wear

Sushi Technology Deciding if my cooch says coochie coo in this dress, before dinner at Koi. I will get better at these.


  1. love the dress, love the hair, love the jewelry, hate you because you are in LA. ;) London is cold and dreary at the moment.

    Ok, so I just had my first IVF treatment and lucky for me it worked. Not only that, I got two for the price of one. I am pregnant with twins. Mind if I pick your brain over the next 8 months? :)

    FROM SK: What amazing news! I'm so so happy for you!!! Happy to help answer all the questions. Don't find out their sex!!! So much better as a surprise.

  2. That was a cute video for a Friday. How was Koi?

    From SK: The crispy rice with spicy tuna… I ordered one, then had to order another. Oh how I love the sakitini. When back in Austin will need to go back to uchi again. Got such cute (and inexpensive) clothes! I am back to LA next week and need suggestions for more good sushi, good affordable shopping, and fun bars.

  3. You are soooo freaking adorable, all your videos manage to put a smile on my face! I am so glad you're sharing this part of your life's adventures with us! Thank you, Stephanie.

    I hope you had a wonderful time last night! :-)


  4. Stephanie, you are hilarious! :) I can't comment on the cooch situation, but the dress shows off your legs quite nicely! Did you wear it with boots? sandals? any pics?

  5. Again you must go to Manhattan Beach! I know, I know, it's south of the 10. But they just opened a fabulous sushi place called Sashi ( It is, dare I say, better than Koi, and comparable to Nobu.

    No, I'm not shilling, I promise!!

  6. Dude – so funny that Michael attached a video to yours. I like his better. It's sort of stalker-creepy…but also kind of rad.

  7. Sorry, this is a huge pet peeve of mine: when people say they're a good jew when they're not. You went shopping on Yom Kippur! I can understand not going to temple, but spending money?

    P.S. Liked the dress a lot.

  8. your shtick is seeming awfully discordant with the times.
    good luck working it much longer

  9. Oh no! Of course I don't hate you. That's a shame though. Was it the warm mirin-infused rice that threw you for a loop? It's a particular taste- not everybody likes it. Was the fish off? I hope not. I'm such a fan of the place, would hate to think they have fishy fish.

  10. Ok, so now you think my taste totally sucks but at the expense of annoying you can I make another suggestion?
    Don't let the "pan-asian" moniker fool you- it's one of the most unique restaurants I've ever been to. Try the Filipino grilled pork. And the fact that it's at the Santa Monica airport is actually very fun.

  11. I'm so glad i ran into this while stumbling home drunk at 2:30am…ok so maebe i diddnt run into it but yeah..hmmm that necklace is awesome! i just gave one just like it to my friend for her brithday…gotta love happy hour in NY with very cute waiters!!! One actually slippepd me his number!!! hahaha He looks too much like a Ken doll though. :::sigh:::

  12. You look great and it sounds like you're having fun! Tell us what you're doing there so we can see the daily stuff? Btw, I totally know where you got that necklace because I bought it too!

  13. Forget about where you should eat in L.A. From the tone of your last few posts (commercially giveaway included), it sounds like L.A. has already eaten you.

  14. This may be too late but I used to work in El Segundo near LAX. There's an In n Out on Manhattan Bch Blvd really really close!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Bubbela,

    Forget the coochie coo already! You sound like a walking advertisement. So commercial, bubby, I never!

    Shouldn't you be a bit worried that hubby's a hedgie? I'd be verklemt. You may need that cooch to flash for Playboy if he's out of work.

    What with such a big house and the babes!

    Oy, I'm so glad all I got to worry about is that my 80 yr old husband isnt going to be stolen from me by a hussie at my condo's shuffleboard tournament!

  16. You're cute and all, and I like your blog and have read it for a while. But this video is very off-putting in that you seem to be acting dumber than you are. The way girls do in high school when they want a boy's attention. Never appealing.

  17. I'm with Julia. It's a little off putting. It's like you are posting pictures of yourself doing 'Myspace' faces (sucked in cheeks- see Vox box pic) and now this. It comes across as affected unlike your recent book tour interviews. It seems fake and cheesy. And talking about things like 'cooch' is juvenile. Your a writer, girl. You're in your 30s, married and published. You don't need the constant approval..right?
    Ps The statement jewelry looks too Joan Rivers. Ages your look.

  18. You've officially lost a reader. This stuff is starting to get so old. I wouldn't have done this in high school.

  19. Jesus are people uptight. Holy monstermash.

    JULIE, I think it's ironic that you chose to post this on a day where she clearly put herself out there with a very personal and heartfelt post about loss and love. I, for one, came to this site BECAUSE A FRIEND forwarded me that post she wrote today! I also read her archives and saw a recent post about not always being ON… which obviously also speaks to readers like you who have noble intentions but clearly miss the mark.

  20. It was not intentional at all. I had been debating posting my comment but instead decided I might be feeling like that because she had pissed me off. But when I saw the video it finally dawned on me, it isn't just me seeing this. I agree the timing is insensitive, which is why I made it clear that it wasn't in regards to her post from today.

    From L.A., the old Stephanie would have reported back to us some funny mishap or how self-conscious she felt at certain times. The old Stephanie was one of the few bloggers to admit Blogher was like a sorority bitchfest. The new Stephanie seems to post names, more names, has monthly contests, rarely shares personal tidbits about her life these days (which is fine and her business, I merely comment as one of her readers). I'm not missing the mark at all. In fact, I've come to her defense on other blogs, and used those exact words "no one can always be on."
    Trust me, I get that.
    I get your intentions in defending her and directing your comment to me, I do.
    Like I said, it was harsh but only said as an observer, straight shooter, reader of her blogs. And if Stephanie wants to tell me to go fuck myself, then she clearly will. Hell, even that's better than the caricature of herself she's been presenting over the last few months, at least that would be more like the old Stephanie.

  21. The "old Stephanie" as you call her and then reference a post she wrote only months ago when she was at blogher? Um, that's kind of short term of you considering she started the blog FOUR YEARS AGO. If you're going to say she changed, that she shares less now (even though that's her choice), that the "old her" would do it differently, at least reference something a few years ago. Also, I looked up her trip to LA from back before she was married, and it was a lot of name dropping of places and celebs. Last I checked, that still sells a few thousand tabloids. Stephanie, I hope you'll post this and know you can come to your own defense, but I hate when people see changes that aren't there, OR who expect you to be exactly the same even though we evolve. Something for all of us to think about.

  22. So I'm going to comment and you may have banned me already or choose not to post this and that's fine, at least you will have read it. I've read you for the last three years. I read your book first (keep that in mind, I came to you as a fan of your book not your blog initially and I've always given it to you straight) then found your blog through the same co-worker who insisted I read your book (she's Maggie on here). One thing I liked about your book was the raw factor. It felt like there were no airs, it was just you. Maybe because at that time in your life when you wrote SU&D you had just come out of the shitty relationship, and it was easy for you to be raw. Raw from the relationship as is, I'm sure, vulnerable, emotional.
    Perhaps it was easier for you to express yourself at that time in your life?

    Whatever it is you need to get back in touch with it. Your inner funny who doesn't take herself too seriously. Because lately it seems you're not giving us Stephanie, you're giving us Stephanie Klein. Just a suggestion. Take it or leave it but your blogs used to be more personal and not chock-full of similes and metaphors. This is not in reference to today's blog mind you, only in response to the latest from your blog (contests and comments). You pissed me off but I still want you to be successful and happy, because I think you deserve it. Just don't lose yourself in the process.

  23. You sound and look drunk here. And sorry to say but you have not done yourself any favors by posting this cutesy coochie talk video. What is the point anyway? I can't help but think that maybe this video has something to do with your new Hollywood deal. Stephanie's take on Sex and the City…self-promo for that maybe…we don't know exactly. But it comes off as forced, contrived and a little sad. Is this the way happily married women act?

  24. Stephanie,

    I loved your books particularly the writing in Moose that was much more tell than show. But this video is cringeworthy. The mere way you say "LA", the shopping (on Yom Kippur no less), the parading around in the mini muu muu..the whole thing makes you look like a garish divorcee at happy hour. The fact that you posted this makes me wonder how out of touch you might be in terms of what is attractive and relatable.

  25. Oy. PS Koi hasn't been good since 2002 or something. Go to Katana in Brentwood. And Nic's?! Seriously? No. Try AOC, Dominick's, BLD, Chateau Marmont.

  26. Man, I remember watching this days ago and it made me cringe as well. But I thought it was just me… I don't visit as often as I used to, but I keep coming back every couple of weeks in hopes of finding the old Stephanie. I noticed the switch right after Moose came out… but it wasn't so blatant until now. I don't think I would have recognized the new Stephanie had I seen her at Koi (I'm from LA), much less been inclined to approach her.

  27. Stephanie, I just now got a chance to watch this video (I was having sound problems forever), and read the (charming) comments, and two things: 1) STOP MAKING ME CRAVE THAT SUSHI AGAIN, and 2) Michael is awesome!

  28. Wow!My kinda negative post didn't go through. Stephanie is usually democratic about posting the good and the bad.

    I was agreeing with posters Julie, Alexandra and Un Mas about their comments.

    I did throw in that when Stephanie turns Martha Stewartesque detailing her place settings,X-mas decorations (being Jewish) and writes ad-nauseum about the "tater-tots" it's boring. When she goes in the opposite direction of showing off her diamonds and name dropping (Koi is overated for Sushi, but good for celeb sightings) and doing contests it's cheesy. I give her credit for doing these videos. They are conversation pieces. I find the over enunciating quite amusing. I like the old Stephanie who was edgy. Would love to see it again. ( I hope this one goes through)

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