photo contest: firsts

Nothing like a contest to stimulate some creativity. Donated by Johnson’s Baby, this limited-edition Italian hand-sewn diaper bag (filled with products and worth over $500) is totally up for grabs. Moms Melissa Joan Hart, E!’s Samantha Harris, and 90210’s (old school) Tori Spelling have their own, and now you can get on that shite like powder on a posterior. If you’re not in the market for baby wipes (even for your own face), surely you’ll be known as the friend who gives good gift by handing this off to parents in need.

Skleinsocial1 The theme of this photo contest is FIRSTS. To enter, register free at Stephanie Klein Social and sign in. Once you’ve signed in, go to the photos link/tab at the top and "ADD PHOTOS" link on the top right. The image you choose to upload should be a photo (old or new) that either you yourself have taken, or that someone has taken of you, and can be of anything, so long as it’s original art (not something you stole off someone’s flickr site) that somehow ties into the theme of firsts.

Skcontest04 Once the photo has been uploaded, you’ll receive a confirmation email along with a link to your image. Click the link and add a description of the photo, including why you chose it, what it represents.

Although this diaper bag prize is directed at parents, anyone and everyone can participate. If you’re shy, why not at least help vote and rate the incoming entries? The contest will run for a week, giving everyone enough time to upload their photo of choice, and then the top five photos will be voted upon to determine the winner.

I’m hoping to make this a monthly photo contest, with different prizes each time. This month’s winner will get to choose the theme for next month’s contest. And of course, they’ll walk away with the bag of goods, worth over $500.