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Grapefruit Schnitt rose Zypern

I named Abigail after a cocktail if you must know.  I have always loved ruby red grapefruit, and while pregnant, I couldn’t get enough grapefruit juice.  Oh my God, and fruit in general.  I ate a pineapple a day.  Seriously, the whole thing.  Every day.  I liked juicy and tangy, and I’ve always been partial to the grapefruit, thinking it more sophisticated than it’s humdrum Judy of a cousin, the orange.  The orange is too easy.  It’s a sweet citrus.  But the grapefruit is challenging, complex, and when you hit it right, pick one with thin skin (that’s the key really in picking a good grapefruit), it’s so rewarding, a light deliciousness that seems like a secret.  Abigail Ruby, say hi to mama’s favorite cocktail:


4 oz. freshly squeezed Ruby Red grapefruit juice
1 oz. grenadine
2 oz. Ruby Red Absolut Vodka
Sugar for rim of martini glass

Freeze some martini glasses.  Rub the rims with the skin of a grapefruit, roll them in sparkling sanding sugar (large chunks of sugary crystal).  Mix up all ingredients with a cocktail shaker and some ice, then pour into your frozen glass.  Try not to say, “Holy shit this is so damn good,” with every single sip.  It will annoy people.  Trust me.  I’ve been there, said that.  This is my all time favorite drink… and girl.



  1. While I would never, ever suggest this was better than an Abigail Rubytini, here is a slight variation loved by Papa Hemingway that I make often (its called a Papa Doble).
    1.5 ounces good quality rum
    1.5 ounces ruby red grapfruit juice
    1 ounce maraschino liqour
    splash of fresh key lime juice
    Mix it with ice and sling it back like Lady Brett Ashley. :)

  2. The recipe sounds yum. I also craved citrus fruit while pregnant last time. The first time I craved lobster intently.

    That said, this is the second or third time that you've explained your preference for one thing over another as "I think this one is more sophisticated" or "That one's too obvious." That seems like such an odd – not to mention unnatural – way to decide what to like. It very much reminds me of the Emperor's New Clothes.

  3. Thanks for sharing this recipe Stephanie.
    I'll have to try making this sometime.. it sounds divine.

    My current favorite drink is Nuts and Berries ;)

    1/2 oz Frangelico hazelnut liqueur
    1/2 oz Chambord raspberry liqueur
    2 oz Half-and-Half or cream

    Shake ingredients in a stainless steel shaker with ice. Strain into a cocktail glass.

  4. Love the Ruby Red and tonic, have to try your cocktail … thanks! (and a lovely name for your daughter too)

  5. Yummm, but! Grrrr… Grapefruit, and especially ruby red, is about the only citrus I really like… and now I can't eat it as it conflicts with some prescription medications. Enjoy that as long as possible, you never know when something will go on your "do not use" list! It is a decent trade, I like feeling better, but I really miss grapefruit!

  6. I find that I like things that take time to like. When I had my first sip of wine, at about eight or so, just a chance to try from my parent's glass, I remember gagging. I felt the same way about coffee. And with time I learned that I prefer things that take time to prefer. I feel this way about grapefruits. And I've never much liked blood oranges… believing they're treasured more for their color than for their taste.

  7. Thanks for the recipe!

    I like what you had to say in your comment about liking things with time. The men I have liked right off turn out sour – like a poorly picked grapefruit. With time, those I didnt like at first have often turned out to be amazing.

  8. I really, really wish I could come to like grapefruit juice but alas, my citrus development stunted at the Judy-boring orange. I bet this cocktail is beautiful to look at, though. Reds are always nice, especially with sparkly stuff around the rim. (suddenly got an urge to go dress-shopping)

  9. So true about the grapefruit- I find people either love it or hate it though.
    And I have no problem with people dissenting on here but I find the way it is phrased makes all the difference.
    Commenter 'Sallie' wrote: "That said, this is the second or third time that you've explained your preference for one thing over another as "I think this one is more sophisticated" or "That one's too obvious." That seems like such an odd – not to mention unnatural – way to decide what to like. It very much reminds me of the Emperor's New Clothes."

    Judging someones word choice as 'odd' and 'unnatural' on their own blog I find gauche and obnoxious. So while we are judging writing style and tone, etc, Sallie, you often come across as stiff and critical. School marm style.

    Thanks SK, this recipe has been written down and will be used at our next party soon:)

  10. Ooh, I was going to ask about the IPhone, too. I've heard mixed reviews but I'm still dying to get one.

    FROM STEPHANIE: I decided to wait for the next version of it, since I want it to be super high-speed, and I don't think this version is ready yet.

  11. My mother's expression was "it's an acquired taste," which was her way of saying "I don't like it, so you won't." Or perhaps, "I'm not hunting around a 1960's supermarket for artichokes just because Nancy Drew likes them."

  12. A TX, a gentle reminder: It's called "Comments," not "Praise." Sallie has a valid pt. So does Stephanie. Perhaps more important, she has a great drink recipe. Maybe we could just enjoy a Rubytini and let the comments fly.

  13. Re the iPhone:
    Good decision to wait, probably. I have worked in the development of mobile phones for about 4 years now and I can say: The first version of anything technical is never a good choice since it's never and I mean: never really ready but always some kind of beta version for which you play the paying test subjects.
    Let us hear about it when you get it, I'm curious, we won't have it here in Europe until September!

  14. I had never had one until I went to visit New York for the first time this past April. I was there for about an hour when my husband and I went to this little french bistro on the corner of W 41st and 8th street. It was refreshing, and delicious as I damn near sipped it down with one gulp :) Thanks for sharing the recipe, I will have to make more at home!

  15. Sounds delicious! I think I will try it tonight. Another good choice for summer, and the lazy girl's fancy drink:

    Paul Newman's Pink Lemonade

    The Paul Newman lemonade is very tart which balances the sweetness of the tonic. I haven't found another lemonade that works–they are usually too sweet. It's so refreshing I always drink too many.

  16. A little french bistro on 41st and 8th??? Melissa, on behalf of all New Yorkers, next time you're here, venture past Times Square!

  17. To Jamie & Steph:

    We were staying at the Times Hotel on 42nd… so it was pretty much the first restaurant that we ran into after walking past the M&M shop and the Hershey's store. We had to be somewhere a bit later to meet up with my husband's co-workers (we were there so that his team could accept an award from the head of the company). I was only there for a day and a half, and didnt much make it out of times square except for the boat ride around manhattan. I plan to go back again and venture out a bit more, I promise.

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