we all have bad days




  1. Soo cute! Also strange to hear you laughing- because we never hear your actual voice on the blog!
    Can't wait for more videos!

  2. Film the day he learns to make that sound with his armpit, splice (or whatever the digital equivalent is) the two together, and enter it into a film festival.

  3. He's so freaking cute! I can't get over it. My sincerest apologies, but really, my dear, you make some good looking babies.

  4. ha! i already did! after working the weekend night shift we all do breakfast on monday morn. nothing like a little I-hizzle (hop) to stimulate some non-existant ibs. and there's nothing like walking up to your friend and laying one on her! i know, i know…TMI! how old am i?

  5. oh.. my.. god. I'm swooning over those little giggles.

    And just like a man.. only reacts to the fart noises…. :-)

  6. What a sweet dream! Looks just like mama. :) Hey, and it's nice to be able to put a laugh with your face.

    By the way, that Evanescence song totally rocked. It was the first time I heard it. Played it three times!

  7. CUTE-est thing ever ! You cannot not smile when you hear that little laugh. More Please.

  8. Linus will bite me. How cute though?! I cannot wait to see them again! Yippee!

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