the hair up there

It’s so not about shampoo or conditioner… quite frankly, anything done in the shower stays in the shower.  It’s all about how you handle things once you’re dry and your hair is still wet.

I drench my hair in Infusium Leave-In Treatment, then spread on handfuls of Ouidad Tres FX Gel OR L’Oreal’s Anti-Frizz gel… then I air dry or diffuse.  That’s it.  It’s all about product… and lots of it.  I like the above products because they’re alcohol-free (so they don’t dry out your hair), and they don’t get crunchy or flake.  Your curls become soft, defined ringlets with bounce. 

As far as selecting a shampoo conditioner combo, I never understood why perfume companies didn’t get into the hair care business.  I’ve spent hours squatting like a Thai person in a rice field searching for a fragrant shampoo that does it for me.  Since the product is what goes into really shaping my hair, I rely on the shampoo for the fragrance.  If only Creed would learn from moi.

Now, the hair down there is awholenother story: one restricted to conversations about conditioner.  It’s all about conditioner and Tend Skin.  I’m a big believer that bush is back; I don’t care what Playboy says.



  1. Pol Pot ( and I know I'm mispelling this) would say farbisen ihr haar….I use Head and Shoulders….crazy…..but it works like no other for me

  2. Yep, head and shoulders for me too. I am more neurotic about dandruff than anything else. And…I am proud of you for the hair down there…

  3. DEFINITELY with you all on the head n shoulders. i know it sounds sort of weird and strange, i mean, it's a dandruff shampoo for like $3 but it actually works really well. i've tried all the expensive stuff too and they don't work. plus i am totally paranoid about the dandruff thing, especially since i can't wash my hair every day (it totally dries it out so i have to wait 2 days). but my secret is after h&s, i use a great conditioner which keeps it nice and soft and shiny. :-)

  4. Just read the linked "bush is back" post and, as a man, all I can say is … Women definitely have a higher pain threshold than men. Why would anyone go through that more than once?

  5. i LOVE smelly shampoos. Need to find as many with smells that last after a blow dry. ANy suggestions?

  6. didn't the good girl post launch like a 50+ comment discussion on "finish living rooms, unfinished basements" Always entertaining. And since you bring it up, and it's almost summer, an image of The Black Crows's Amorica album cover pops into my mind. Good times.

  7. I love the John Frieda stuff for brown hair. I kinda smells like coconut, which I usually hate, but in this stuff it smells SO GOOD. If you haven't tried it, you should [I think they make it for red hair]. Plus, John Frieda stuff is the BEST for curly hair [I've got it, too]. It is the sort of smell that stays all day… when you take your hair out of a rubber band at night, you can still smell it. mmmmmmm.

  8. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love it when curly hair women embrace their 'naturalness.' I can't stand when they refuse to curl and iron the shit out of their curly hair. Can't they see the beauty? Aren't you glad you do? I see that the pic of you on your main page is a curly one. Nice :) Hope it stays that way.

  9. Hey! I just stumbled across this post about hair, and I have a question. I see that you used the Loral Anti Frizz GEL, which I absolutely adored.. and they discontinued it! Is the Ouidad product you mentioned similiar? Everything else I've tried is too oily and heavy, and my curls just look flat, limp and dull with them.. any help is greatly appreciated!

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