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I received a suggestion today that I’m in to mood to respond to:

Can you tell us about your beauty regimen? Make up, hair products,eyebrow waxer, favorite clothing stores? Do you straighten your hair yourself or have it blown out?

What a fantastic chick out of a post.  I love suggestions.

I’ll start with the scratch and sniff section of this site… since I discuss my perfume all the time, we’re going to make this section brief.  Fleurs de The Rose Bulgarie by Creed, combines Bulgarian roses, green tea, Sicilian mandarin, Sicilian bergamot, and Italian lemon.  I’ll only tell you that I use it liberally, even behind my knees.  Think "intimate."  Sometimes, it’s my substitute for hair spray. 

Beauty Regimen: Alcohol, preferably white wine because it doesn’t stain your teeth, lots of water, and 2 Advil at 4am.  A dog sleeping in your crotch, who moves around all night stealing the covers, and who tosses and turns all over you.  This adds to the au courant "luggage" eye look… heroin chic is so passé.  Ah, yes, dog hair all over anything black that I own.  What, animal prints are so "now."

Naturabisse Were you hoping for something less snarky?  Okay, honestly, I never remove my makeup before bed, despite owning Bobby Brown’s Eye Make-up Remover; I really don’t know from face soap (though I have Clinique’s Beauty Bar) or any type of moisturizer (insert Natura Bisse Diamond Cream *here*), and lest I forget… all my friends swear by Mario Badescu Drying Lotion for breakouts, but ask them if they wear it in front of their boys at bedtime.  Since I don’t ever get pimples (shaa), I don’t use anything… except for some 2% salicylic acid from Stridex, alcohol free.  Works every time.  And I only shower when my hair is too frizzy to fix with any product other than water.  Or if I think I might get lucky… I didn’t shower today.

MAKE-UP SHAKE-DOWN: I love it.  I could play with it all day, despite friends and ex-lovers who tell me I look better without it.  Some people really do look better without makeup.  I’m not one of them.

JUST FACE IT: Laura Mercier Secret Camoflauge is a-maze-ing in a very three word way. And I’m a huge believer in Smashbox Foundation in smashing oak.  Not the oil free kind… let me just say… any time I use it, I get compliments on my skin.   If I want to look tan, without a doubt, I coat the cara with Narz Antilles.  It’s insane.

Bigmouth FROM YOUR LIPS: Appropriately, I begin with Philosophy’s Big Mouth in pink.  It makes my lips tingle and feel fresh and fabulous.  It hurts in a good way, like flossing or being sore from an intense work out.   Then, if I do dark eyes, I use Stila’s Vanilla Lip Wand.  I’ve yet to find it’s rival.  You can always add a dab of Mac’s Lip Glass, but make sure there’s no wind or kissing in your future… it’s stickier than this website.

JUST CHEEKY: The ones on my face get Nars Desire or Outlaw, depending on how much Stilla Bronzer has already been applied.  I wish "Deep Throat" or "Orgasm" were more my color… just so I could say it.  The other cheeks get Fresh Lemon Sugar Lotion, fresh from the shower.

shadows: I’m a Stila addict.  I own 2, 8-color eye palettes, filled with shadow pans… my colors: Kitten (EVERYONE SHOULD USE KITTEN)… it immediately opens the eye, highlights the brow bone, and makes everyone look terrific.  Others favorites include, Moonlight, Pigalle, Viola, Holly Golightly, Barefoot Contessa, and Puck.  For a matte look, I use Mac’s Bark, Courduroy, and Quary.

mascara: Mac sucks.  I don’t care what you think.  Once you try l’oreal voluminous mascara in waterproof black you’ll be an addict.  Once you go black, you can’t go back.

HAIR ME NOW: Shampoo doesn’t matter.  I go by what smells good.  I like coconut these days, despite how much I hate eating anything with coconut in it. Infusium.  I drench my hair in it.  Then I pull Kiehl’s Creme with Silk Groom through, then I pour Ouidad‘s Tres FX (no flaking, no crunching) Gel on my head.  Ouidad has THE BEST products for curly hair.  When I blow my hair out, I let someone else do it, and to prolong the blowout, I’ll occasionally use Bumble & Bumble’s powder shampoo… but I’ll still take a bath, especially if I have a date.  I’m such a pig.  As for the eyebrows, I get them threaded at Pinky’s Salon.  And as for the bikini, I keep it neat with Helga.

Main_nourishingeyecream_1 Now of course, I’d love to say I was loyal to one brand, because it’s neater that way.  And we all want that catolog life, the one where everything matches and looks neat.  It makes you feel on top of things when your makeup is all the same brand.  With that said, my brand of choice is definitely NARS.  So if you’re thinking of what to get me for the holiday season, I mean, what else can possibly be on your mind?  Get me the Nars Skincare line.  It smells deliciously clean.

And clothing stores… well that’s a whole-notha post.



  1. I totally love Natura Bisse Diamond Cream – it is the one true miracle cream, as is obvious from the price tag.

  2. {Guys in the audience} anyone follow that? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Anyone?

  3. yeah, i followed it enough to know that stephanie doesn't shower and has a bed that smells like dog drool.

  4. I followed it. Pay attention to the women in your life and it's easy to follow. That's how you find out about good stuff like Kiehl's.

  5. I've probably used every mascara ever created, but when I tried l'oreal voluminous mascara I stopped – it's the best, hands down. It's hard for some of my friends to believe it though.

  6. Ok…now who is the wise ass that is posting stuff with my name and being rude. This is utterly ridiculous and start posting under your own name.

  7. amen to l'oreal voluminous black mascara. i have been using it for over 10 years. simply the best. if i hear another 'make-up' artist say redheads need to use brown mascara, i will punch them square btwn. the eyes.

  8. OK. Lesson learned. It's filed in the vault. Say NYNY, what's the parfume du jour?

  9. No eye liner? Or eye shadow as eye liner? I can't leave the house without eye liner.

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