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This weekend, I shot photos for the New York Junior League and the Young Patrons Society of Lincoln Center.  I also scanned in some of my artwork that I mostly did in high school.  The number 2 pencil drawing of Linus is the most recent.  Then "Naughty Betty."  Everything else is from high school.  All my college work was lost in a flood.  I can’t believe I’ve lost things in a flood.  That’s so epic. 




  1. # 7499 is epic, classic, NY

    Relics of the old amungst the new and the ever present yellow cab (which for the life of me I can't get around lunch and always ending up pulling one of the cars out of the garage…the saying goes "If you see me on mass transit…make a wish")

    Type of camera?

  2. Wow, great stuff. Beautiful. What type of camera do you use? The paintings and sketches were excellent as well. And by the way, I too thought much of the Oscar presentations sucked. I wish Eastwood had a geriatric moment, got confused, and went all William Munny on the lot of them (well, except for Jamie Foxx. I like Jamie Foxx.)
    And Mr. Scorsese please stop making history pics with Leo. You'll never win that way.

  3. I shoot with a Nikon D100. These were not put through photoshop at all. Though, I don't think it's cheating to use photoshop. It's a digital darkroom… you should use it. I'm not a purist. In this case, though, I didn't have time.

  4. Great photography Steph! My favourites are the ones of the band and the male hands. The food looks gorgeous!

  5. When I was a kid (or a teenager old enough to understand such things) the Junior League was believed to be pretty much WASP-land, but I cant say Catholic me had the first hand knowledge to know if that was a real or just an imagined characterization. Anyway seems these days they are quite diverse good for them.

    Actually a neighboring young family in my youth the mom was in the Junior League and if I recall the JL was big on cookbooks. Perhaps you got one at this gig Stephanie. If so and you'd like to try out any new recipes I'm just the guy to taste test them for you. As a matter of fact, my kitchen is available this Saturday night ;-)

  6. steph,
    i will so take you out to lunch tomorrow if you give me that monkey drawing you did!
    – b

  7. Never been to NYC (so I've never been anywhere), so what church is that. Sell your pictures to IKEA, I want to hang some in my bathroom.

  8. anche io e imieie amici, quando sono le 11:11.11 facciamo il cosiddetto mega-show, un urlo liberatorio…poi abbiamo deciso di trovarci tutti a verona, la nostra città l'11 novembre del 2011, cioè 11/11/11, ovviamente alle ore 11:11.11… chi volesse partecipare è il benvenuto…

    P.S: scusate se non uso l'inglese, ma per poter dire quello che volevo dire era meglio l'italiano

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