My glossy white fur munch is on my lap staring at me, his ears pinned close to his head.  He has crawled here.  Normally he takes a running leap and lands here, leaving black and blue prints as proof on my legs.  This time, he has crawled from the bed.  I look at the clock.

“Baby, it’s 11:11.  Did you make a wish?”  He tilts his head.  “No.  Nobody told you about 11:11?  That’s so sad.  I’m your mommy; it’s my job to tell you these things.  At 11:11 you make a wish.  What would you wish for my sweat bean?”  He brings his neck to my mouth—the classic necklace move.  He does it when he wants me to pay attention to nothing but him.  The sucker knows how to obstruct my eyesight.  I flip him over and rub his belly as we stare at one another.  “I think you’d wish for a big yard, yes?  With lots of flossies to chew and pigeons to drive you crazy.  And, a sunny spot where you can lounge out, and a shaded area with cool clean water, yes?”  He licks me with his pink tongue.  “Ooh God, I love that pink tongue and your little pink belly.  Can I eat you baby?  Yes?"  I smell his paws.  Fritos.  "May I kiss the bald spot?”  My finger searches his chest for the one spot where no hair grows.  “Yes?  Oh don’t you be embarrassed.  It’s a bald spot.  I’m your mother.  It’s okay.  Yes, you’re my sweat bean.”  With that, he wiggles loose and takes off.  I really can’t blame him; he gets that from me.  I hate hearing baby talk. Now he’s in the other room crunching his food.  I love his sounds.  I don’t ever want him to die.  11:12.



  1. haha, that's soooo cute…i can't believe he didn't know about 11:11, how could you have forgotten to teach him???

  2. It's 12:24, but I don't think you get much for hours x 2= minutes….

    But don't forget it's Rabbit, Rabbit, first of the month… or Pinch, punch, first of the month, depending on what's your fancy. Either way, it's one more wish.

    And March enters like a Lion… er Linus.

  3. I'm a nut. I got all excited when you said his paws smell like fritos. I've been saying for years that my dog's paws smell like fritos, but my friends think I'm lying. Now, who would lie about such a thing?

  4. I'm already dreading that day when my puppy Bo passes away- and he's only 9 months old right now. Morbid, I know, but I can't even to begin to imagine how hard it would be.

  5. very sweet. i alway thought it was just my dog that smelled like "corn chips" as my mom says. cute to see lots of puppies do!

  6. What type of dog is Linus? I am thinking he is a happy meduim for my husband and I. While I prefer a yappy long haired miniature doggy, my husband prefers something with a tough look and short hair. Tell me Linus "looks tough" when he growls… please tell me. ;)

    I want one.

  7. i also agree with puppy feet smelling of fritos. I also think the place where I took gymnastics as a teenager had the same smell. Maybe it is just feet in general. There certainly were no dogs in leotards doing backflips in my classes….

  8. My dad always used to tell me to stop crying, or God would kill a puppy. It never worked. And I hate cats.

  9. I read the back track about Linus. He's adorable. I have 3 dogs, and wouldn't trade any of them for the world. Even with their Frito feet.

  10. How old is Linus? I read somewhere that a Toy Fox Terrier typically lives between 13-14 years, which is a long time.

  11. Linus is 3. He's a scorpio, and turns 4 on October 28. He'll always be a puppy. When deciding what type of dog to get, I took a quiz on yahoo! pets. Every time, I got, "Toy Fox Terrier." Cause I wanted a dog who was needy (like me)… and who self-exercised (so I could be lazy). I didn't realize "self-exercise" means bouncing off the walls. Linus is very anxious and hyper, but, as expected, I love him. He thinks he's human, walking around the apartment on 2 legs looking for things… sleeping under the covers. He is absurdly affectionate. He follows me from room to room and always needs to be touching me. I love it.

  12. Correct me if I am wrong, but Gene Hackman's dog in "Crimson Tide" was a Toy Fox Terrier.

  13. ditto on the frito smell being possibly caused by feet in general…though I'm not speaking from experience or anything…

  14. My little Bailey is a Boston Terrier and your description of Linus sounds like her to a T. Must be a terrier thing. Ours likes to sleep in between me and my guy under the covers.When we move her down by our feet she wiggles her way up to the other side of me. I sleep in between my two favorite beings.

  15. anche io e imieie amici, quando sono le 11:11.11 facciamo il cosiddetto mega-show, un urlo liberatorio…poi abbiamo deciso di trovarci tutti a verona, la nostra città l'11 novembre del 2011, cioè 11/11/11, ovviamente alle ore 11:11.11… chi volesse partecipare è il benvenuto…

    P.S: scusate se non uso l'inglese, ma per poter dire quello che volevo dire era meglio l'italiano

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