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  1. Stephanie, you are the heart and soul of all desire. There is something haunting about you. You seem to reach a part of the soul never touched. Thanks for sharing your blog. Dan

  2. Ms. Klein, you are one stunning woman. The straight hair gives you a whole new personality that I quite enjoy, but I still love your natural curls. However, looking at you makes me crave more of your writing. Do you write short stories or poetry that you care to share?

  3. Ms. Klein,
    Smile is not a punishment one bears in the public eye. It is a celebration of the warmth you exude. And you do.

  4. hey stephine, dont realy have a comment about htis post, but just want to say some one from New Zealand loves reading your blog when he has nothiing else to do! ;P keep it up. also was just reading back some of your old posts (july) and saw a pic of your ass, great ass!! :) also is NY as great as they say? (one day ill travel the world damit!)

  5. It really does look like you have a fabulous life and interact with fabulous people. It's nice seeing such happy, beautiful faces.

  6. First off that is just rude. Second, does it bring you pleasure to try and bring someone down. Third, post under a real name. Better yet, post your picture out here and let us talk about you.

    You are a jackass.

  7. If one doesn't have anything constructive to write one should keep one's hands away from the keyboard. It's that simple. Imagine that your parents, children, wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, future karma, G_d, God, Higher Being, conscience … is watching you. In some sense this is a neighborhood, and people enjoy coming here, but some comments can make one's stomach turn or skin crawl. Be considerate and consider posting a comment after a day or two of reflection. It might help you grow.

  8. man, you're not bad looking now, but i can already see where you'll need to botox in a year or two. cut down on the excessive tanning.

  9. oh God some people are slow and shallow. One day someone will be lucky to be with Stephanie and his soul will 'know' to tell her

    "we'll grow in age and love together
    roaming the forest and the wild.
    My breast your shield in wintry weather
    and when the friendly sunshine smiles
    and you mark the opening skies
    I'll see no heaven in your eyes."

    And 40 or 50 years later with equal fervor and passion will say it again. Some of you need to stop being so shallow.

  10. Hey starman *****, if those funnypeople are shallow then you're as deep as the Kiddy Section of the pool I used to piss in.

    Doodie for you!

  11. Looks like it was a good night! Better that there was no story with the photos; the mystery makes you search the images to divine their thousand words!
    I see serenity and strength in those eyes. (And the straight hair?? "I'm armed and I know how to use this!… ALL of this.) No. Must've been a REALLY good night.

  12. Ahhh… once again I am amazed as what passes for adult behavior these days.

    Judging by the amount of rude comments strewn about your site, your writing must sensational or they wouldn't bother to comment. Given that your talent is something they wish they had, they will crawl lower than the underbelly of a snail and do their best to put you down. One does not have to be a mental health professional to figure out that they are truly in need of something more constructive to do rather than wearing their schoolyard bully uniform and act like an asswipe.

    Thank you for for taking the time to share your talents, and putting up with jackasses.

  13. by the way…snarkiest blog is the site with the most sass and attitude.

    I made a mistake though..she is already nominated but voting starts on Jan 1

  14. Robotnik…funny one. Then again, I hope people get that as humor.

    For those that do not live in New York, they are the names of bars in Manhattan.

  15. Monsieur Urinator c'est dommage que tu ne sait pas que les vers mentionne ci-dessus sont le produit du doyen de la poésie américaine romantique, Edgar Allan Poe. La poeme est "Tamerlane" (1829).

    [Mr. Urinator it's too bad that you don't know that the verses mentioned above are those of the dean of romantic American poetry, Edgar Allan Poe. The poem is "Tamerlane" (1829).]

    Et peut etre tu n'as pas vu le signe qui indique "defense d'uriner." Il est interdit d'uriner dans le blog de mademoiselle Stephanie. La signification sadique attachée aux actes d'uriner etait a la source de ton sentiment de culpabilite et du besoin de reparation qui se traduisait par ses mecanismes obsessionnels.

    [Urination has a sadistic quality which arises from guilt feelings and a need for resolution that is expressed in obsessive behavior.]

    Bonsoir monsieur Urinator et merci pour les 5 etoiles.

    [Have a good evening and thanks for the 5 stars. I normally only get four.]

  16. ooh la la! c'est toujours la meme chose avec les questions de monsieur Robotnik. Parfois je peux m'exprimer mieux en francais: par example, les sentiments de l'amour. C'est assez facile, parce que je reve en francais.

    !@#!@#! It's always the same thing with the questions of Mr. Robotnik. (I JOKE!) Sometimes I can better express myself in French;…. It's rather easy, because I dream in French.

    I so love this sentence: "La signification sadique attachée aux actes d'uriner etait a la source de ton sentiment de culpabilite et du besoin de reparation qui se traduisait par ses mecanismes obsessionnels." It possibly captures the impulse that drives the mindless graffiti of some of those commenting. I wonder why though I defend Stephanie; maybe I hope that it will inspire others to defend others. Who knows.

  17. I don't mean to be rude, but try some action shots! You all are beautiful, but you look the same every time!

  18. Always nice to see Rachey-Rach out and about. I agree with phototip though, some "candids" might be a nice new twist on things.

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