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At Soho House, Apartment Parties, and The Green Room people I’ve known for a long time didn’t recognize me at all. “Your coloring is different.” They had to look at me three times to understand it was really me dressed as a Freudian Slip. I’d like to say it was more than just the costume that was different on Saturday night… say that I was different when I overreacted to a confusing situation. But I’m always doing that when I’m drunk. What’s wrong with me? Where’s Freud when you need him?


I wigged out Saturday night, and I wigged out. So kill me. So I wigged, chicked, and girled out, acted irrational, and, gasp, dare I say it, overreacted. I need to find a way to stop doing this. At least I did it in a wig, with blue eyes… see I wasn’t quite myself… no one really is beneath a disguise. It enables you to play a different part. From now on, I’m staying clear of wigs… until I’m in another relationship and I simply have to dress up as the other woman… ’cause that’s just fun.
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  1. like the idea (had a friend do it last year – redhead, in fact) but why the blonde wig for freudian slip?

  2. Although you look good, don't dye your hair blonde. You look better with your natural red hair.

    Why do you always mention that you like dressing up as "the other woman" and that it is fun? "The other woman" implies cheating. I understand the whole role playing thing. However considering all that you have been through, one would think you would want to stay as far away from any thoughts of that.

  3. Oy. Of course I don't want to be the "other woman" to any guy… just my guy. It keeps things hot and spicy… and I like hot and racy… it's memories, and it is a blast. Don't read that into it…

  4. Stephanie, your friend with the wild eyes (image 3375 is one of the 3 of her face) was wearing those spooky contacts and they looked incredibly cool. But what was her costume exactly?

    You looked fabulous, btw, and without the blonde wig and specs you'd have looked like yourself walking around in a slip. "Whoops, forgot my dress!" The wig *made* the costume.

  5. All I have to say about the picture is: MEE-OWWW! I likes! I likes!

    I don't care what woman you go as..the other one, this one, that one…it's all good.

  6. Caff, I was a "fallen angel" – Victoria's Secret to be precise. The black feather wings and halo aren't showing up in the picks to well. Glad the eyes had the desired effect!

  7. I don't understand your costume. I know what a Freudian slip is, but you were a blonde in a slip. If you have to explain your costume then maybe you really wanted to wear underwear out and were looking for an excuse. Your blog is not up to your usual. Did you write it when you were drunk? I must say that you look thin in the photos. (I didn't want to be all negative here.)

  8. What the fuck. It's not that hard. It's frickin' Halloween not Mensa. Jesus, I'm a Freudian slip. AND, I wanted to wear a wig and blue eyes for fun… cause that's what you can do on Halloween… act like someone else for a night.

  9. AND… no one I encountered that night had a problem understanding what I was. There was no explanation needed, cause in real life, people can see your ass, see that you're 3 dimensional… more than just words and photos on a web site.

  10. I guess for some people, Halloween is everyday and that's why they 'just don't get it!' People leave the house pretending to be something they aren't……happy, satisfied, wealthy, sexy, fun, etc….They don't need Halloween to make believe, since they are something they aren't everyday single day.

    Freudian slip, I get it! It's fucking brilliant! I was thinking of going as partly cloudy with a chance of showers….but I couldn't think of a good costume. I guess I should have just worn a blonde wig and some fake blue lenses.

    By the way…your true red is beautiful, never go blonde please, for my sake if not for anyone else. I mean the blonde is okay, but the red is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS (which is pretty funny coming from me, or pretty sick….not sure).

  11. I think I recognize the chick in 3353. Isn't she/he the lead singer for Kajagoogoo? While I'm at it, I may as well add my own shameless male commentary. I agree with the rest of my brethren wolfpack. You'd look a-maze-ing in absolutely anything or absolutely nothing, natural red, blonde, brunette, black, brown, bald, yadayadayada…

  12. Aie! Seriously! I wasn't critiquing the blonde wig! I just wondered if there was a deeper meaning! None? Great! Halloween means Be Sexy.

    Of course, I dressed as piglet, so…. meh!

  13. Great costume. Truly unrecognizable at first glance. Assume it was Meg Ryan/"D.O.A." inspired. If not, even better.

    You pal Zorro appears to have had a particularly good time, as well.

  14. Wow, I thought I was the only one who went as a freudian slip for halloween. Nice blog btw, a little racey sometimes for this Southwestern Catholic boy, but very well written :).

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