Lattice pies, toasted pumpkin seeds dusted with salt, mittens and gloves. Hay rides, Indian corn, cinnamon, and socks. Hand-outlined turkey shapes, Pilgrim hats, and jack-o-lanterns made of construction paper and Elmer’s Glue. Seeing breath.

Doggie sweaters, tumbling gourd centerpieces, and knee-high zip-up boots. Tailgating, grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches, mugs and thermoses. Sharpened pencils, vests, knee-high socks and back-to-school plaid. Corduroy, fishnets, and Wicked Essie nail polish. Cranberries. Suede-patched blazers, pea-coats, scarves and cold noses.

Brooms, outlines of black cats, hot caramel apple cider, walnut honey bars, layers. Mud, boots, leaves, chowder, and candy corns. Orange. Apple pies, roasted chicken, stuffing. Velvet, suede, leather, and argyle. Hot coffee, eggplant, rust, and forest.



  1. candy, candy, candy! pillow cases full of it! costumes! scarey movies! giddylicious!

  2. I LOOOOOOVVVVE grilled cheese & tomato sandwiches. I do not generally wait till fall to eat them, though. :)

    Fall also includes my favorite birthdays (including mine!) :)

  3. kicking through the leaves on the way to class yesterday was heaven.
    stephanie, i am continually surprised at how much i share with you- it's all in the details… either that or maybe we're just cliché =)

  4. i like all of the above.. and the smell of peoples fireplaces in the night sky.. and hearty foods with gravy.. mmmmm gravy.

  5. the smell of dry leaves in the air and the crunch of them under my loafers. the air biting my cheeks. building a float for the homecoming parade in a friend's driveway. apple crisp. apple orchards on the weekend. sweaters. pumpkin spice latte. fresh carrots just out of the soil. sweatshirts. the early darkening of night.

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