And to even think I’ve been asked, "Are you red all over?"  Just check out my eyes…


Packing for Japan


  1. Well, this is TOTALLY going to skew the results of the preceding post just below!!

  2. Stephanie,

    Please tell me what type of camera you use? I'm trying to take pictures of my designs with my Sony Cybershot digital so I can sell them and the camera I have is either not the right type or the operator is a klutz!

    Thank you,

  3. Stephanie,

    here is my advice for meeting men. As much as I'd like to suggest that you date me, my location 600 miles away and the fact that my girl friend would kill me, makes plan B a more sensiible option.

    Forget bars and parties. Bookstores are the place to meet "Mr. Right" instead of "Mr. Right now". First of all if a man is shopping for books you know he is literate. ( a nice plus and something you can't take for granted these days". But the best reason of all to look for men in book stores is you can shop by interest. Don't want to be a footbal widow? avoid the the guy looking at Mike Ditka's bio. You probably also want to avoid the self-help section, gay literature, and the guy brousing through "Divorce made easy".

    a good catch might me the guy shopping the computer programming books. He probably doesn't date much, and is probably single and disease free. another plus is he might actually have a profitable career (Bill Gates comes to mind) In a similar vein you should avoid the guy with the "How to make a million on ebay" type of book…(just a hunch)

    Look for guys reading what you like to read and invite him over to the coffee bar for a drink. (if you favorite bookstore doesn't have one you are in the wrong bookstore) The best part is, if all else fails you might find a good book to read on those nights that you don't have a date. (Depressing thought I know but it happens to the best of us.)

    Good luck,

  4. Nah, the guy looking at computer books may not be right for Stephanie; I say check out the guy perusing the Literature section; in particular books by Updike, Bukowski, Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Kafka, Camus, Schopenhauer, Nietzche, Mann…

    Oh…yea, that's right; that would be me (shameless self-promotion).

    One last thing; I can't quite see the eyes so well. I need a bigger monitor??

  5. guys, i bet you stephanie cringes when she reads 'guy advice' crap like this. who wouldn't be?

  6. NEVER go with the guy who is looking at Hemmingway…then you know he is a testosterone pushing womanizer!

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