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Sequins were the norm, round discs of nipples everywhere, tattoos, ass cracks, sand, fried clams, spikes, squeals, mustard in mouth corners, boardwalk, seashell boobs, lawn chairs, seaweed, body odor, funnel cake, spicy coney island dogs, pina coladas, bearded ladies, did I mention the nipples?
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So it’s Monday, and now I’ll fess up. I didn’t make any progress on Dad’s father’s day gift, or head out to Long Island to lay by the pool. Nothing involving sneakers. No dry cleaners, no vacuum bags, no business cards, and sadly, no new shoes or corset. I did plan a 4th of July menu (oh my god, so damn good), get my hair blown straight, grocery shopped like a champion (can you say roasted figs stuffed with blue cheese wrapped in prosciutto di parma?), consumed drinks on the roof of the gansevoort hotel (stoli vanilla with ginger ale), organized my underwear drawer (again), and most exciting of all, trekked out to Coney Island for the Mermaid Parade (by myself). I did, however, forget to charge my camera battery (it dies as I’m about to take a Pulitzer-prize-winning shot of hairy fat father’s ass crack, leaning over to build sand castle with his tot), and I brought the wrong lens (not so good for close ups). So I actually had to just enjoy the moment, without hiding behind the lens all day… which naturally, involved two free hands… all the better to eat hot dogs with.

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  1. I agree wholeheartedly agree with Darieus. I'm especially fond of the second image you used in this post. Whatever camera you used captured the variety of blues in her costume and parisol quite nicely.

    Thanks for the link to shots. By the way, I answered your question about my camera and lens back on my site. Just an FYI if you were curious.

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