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It’s Friday.  I’ve spent the day burning.  I don’t mean frying, absorbing wrinkles, and begging for cancer; I mean cds.  My home laptop caught more than a cold; she caught a virus.  She had to be killed.  I’m not even mourning.  I’m actually excited to collect the newer her, rebuilt with XP, the latest programs, and lots of free space.  It’s like moving into a bigger apartment… an apartment you discovered after reading the obituary column.

Thankfully the good peeps at my office’s technical support department resurrected my files and loaded everything onto my work desktop.  So it got me thinking, while I can, now would be a great time to burn it all for my records.  Every last digital photo I’ve taken over the past 7 years is now part of my cd library.  Everything from last night’s evening at the Magnum Photo 57th Annual Party to My Winning Night at Monte Carlo with Elan where we walked out with $2500 US Dollars (ahem, thanks to my ability to call numbers at roulette).  Every document from college essays on Medea and why she killed her children to a list of baby names.  It’s all on twenty-five 700mb discs.  Hey, I told you the girl could write.

Some people marvel at my memory, the sharp edges on it.  You’ve been fooled.  I’ve been keeping a journal since I was eight years old.  In a purple puffy diary with a shiney silver lock, I wrote in bubble letters about shaving my legs.  I wrote Stephanie Rosenhouse in hearts with cupid arrows.  I was in love with Bryce Rosenhouse when I was eight. Granted, the journals are tucked away in a storage box (which I am desparate to find and resurrect), but once you write something down, in depth, give it a trunk full of thought, you’re more likely to remember things.  Except for pain.  Thank god we forget pain.  It becomes a ghost, like deleted files which always remain on your hard drive, even if you can’t see them.



  1. Definately burn those photos to cd. I've a friend that lost every digital photo he had to that jpg eating virus. I would freak out. He did. You should mark the cd's with the date, then when you want to back up any future photos, you know where to start.

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