nothing but time

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Time is a luxury and a curse. When I’m soaked with it, I tend to feel heavier, drenched by the weight of it. Knowing there’s expectation. There are conversations when your time is up, “so what did you do this weekend?” And you feel compelled to fling back details dripping with delight. Well, I’m not good at that. Who cares what I did with my weekend? When all is said and done, it’s in the past. Keep it there.

When time is scant, I make the most of it, wear it like plush slippers and slide around with it. In the past day, I’ve been thrust into an advertising pitch for the Time Warner Center. So plans have been canceled, and my sleeves are now rolled, with camera in hand. Last night, I photographed on the sly (until mister security lashed me with his tongue). Now, I’m busting with creative ideas on the brand positioning of the Center, grasping for time and ideas about time. I love my job… and that’s something that doesn’t necessarily come with time.



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