Photos From Portugal

Below you’ll find photos from my travels in Lisbon, Sintra, and Cascais, Portugal. Also Estroil and Belem (from where you’ll find the famed Portuguese pastries: Pastel de nata). As if I’d allow anything custard-filled be a parenthetical aside. Nay, nay.  Pastel de nata is a Portuguese egg tart pastry dusted with cinnamon, made famous at Pastes de Belem. I think of them as miniature edible hats.

I was blessed to be on this trip with my dear friend Lisa. We kept using the word “magical” when reflecting on the city and our interaction with it. The city of Lisbon reminds me of Bruges, Belgium except its buildings seem to have been chalked into place with pastels. It’s a thing of art, the colors and tiled walls of the buildings in Lisboa. In Alfama, where we stayed, high in the hills near the Castulo de Sao Jorge, people placed bird cages outside their doors come morning. So, you’d walk the narrow cobblestone streets to the sound of birds singing. It was lovely. This post is LONG. Sorry, but if I don’t post now and instead break them into individual posts, my RSS feed readers will kill me. Enjoy!




Cascais, Portugal


  1. This was a like a trip to Lisbon. My daughter was there and loved it; couldn’t understand a word, although our mother tongue is Portuguese, lol! The black and white wavy sidewalk is twin to Copacabana’s.

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