European Family Vacation

The truth is I probably take too many photos. Especially when I first arrive on the scene and my eyes and soul charge alive and dance, taking eager hungry steps across streets and staircases, racing to keep up with the arc of the sun, determined to sop up every lickable detail. The other truth is, though, that I don’t much care. Too many photos just mean editing. And as long as we’re sticking with the whole truth thing: I’m lousy at editing. At pruning through and limiting what I post to 5 or maybe 10 favorites. I know the work is stronger as a whole when you pinch it back, kill your darlings, and let the truest photos, tell a story, capture a true moment. But it takes too long. So, I’m finally sharing my little collection of photos from that singular family trip.

Here are links to individual galleries:

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Den Haag, The Haige, The Netherlands

Delft, The Netherlands

The Town that smells of Chocolate! (Zaanse-Schans)

Geithoorn, The Netherlands

Haarlem, The Netherlands

Leiden, The Netherlands

Utrecht, The Netherlands

I’ve already posted Paris in Color and in Black and White. And while I dumped a few Amsterdam highlights at you, in the post to come after this one, you’ll see photographs from each leg of my trip with details to follow. To come, I believe, is Belgium and then the different areas I treasured in Portugal.




  1. Thank you for these great photos Stephanie! We had a trip planned to most all of these cities…flying into Paris for 5 days, then take the magnificent (clean and efficient ) Euro train system to Amsterdam for a week, then we’d continue on. We were to depart…April 2020 … oops! Of course that didn’t happen, so we are ever so grateful to take this virtual trip via your photos. ❤️

      1. Oh so beautiful! A lovely town. I just checked the trains from Amsterdam to Giethorn … a girl can dream, right? Can’t wait till it’s possible.

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