The (almost) No Makeup Look

I was invited to a no makeup makeup class. I’m never one to say no, especially when it involves makeup or alcohol. Plus, since I’m speaking and teaching at an upcoming Writers’ Conference, I figured it was a great day to knock out the headshot I’d promised. Two birds, one neon primrose sweater #forthewin.

I’m all about color. Especially as you age, I feel like it’s important to add light to our lives, not to hide away in blacks and grays, muted colors. When we bring color into our lives it lifts. Our mood, our faces, the people around us. Color keeps us young. I’m all about vibrance.

What I’m wearing in the photo featured above:
primrose tippi sweaterSweater: J.Crew Tippi Sweater in Neon Primrose 
Scarf: Hermes Millennium Celebration Scarf ‘Le Ronde des Heures’ by Loic Dubigeon
Blazer: J.Crew Blazer in Navy

I love the sweater so much. I also have it in these colors:
Neon Pink (looks like coral and is gorgeous with jeans and turquoise jewelry, or with whites, it’s summer lovin’)
Neon Geranium (a much truer pink)

On to the un-makeup. Just as how your body looks is 80% diet, 20% exercise, your face is 80% skincare, 20% makeup. Personally, I’m into the whole Asian skincare routine (with the addition of Retin-A), which involves pressing product into your skin with your hands. The makeup products I’m wearing (many of which I repurchased because I was running on empty):

Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Eyeshadow Palette
Naked Ultimate Basics Eyeshadow


Brow bone: BLOW
Lid: NUDE (all over)
Crease: COMMANDO (windshield wiper application)
Crease: EXTRA BITTER (I got this palette mostly because I’m in love with this power-play of a color. It’s orange and frightening, except when you put it on. The fact that the palette is mattes (non-aging) and that it includes this Extrabitter color (second on bottom row) AND the purple (last on top row) plus all the neutrals, it’s all I need. And the packaging makes me feel like I deserve a contract rider; it’s anything but basic.
Outer Corner: LETHAL. This is a very important step. My eyes look tired, so it’s important that I add this darker color (last in top row) to the outside bit of my crease to help draw the eye upward. Without this step, I look like I need a triple shot Americano.

My brows. I’ve tried it all, and this is my favorite brow product and color. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Caramel.

My favorite bronzer, Laura Mercier Baked Bronzer.  It makes your skin look kissed by the sun without ever looking orange. It also has a satin finish, so you never look chalky or dull.

bye bye under eye illuminating concealerOMG product. I look like a crying emoticon whenever I’m in Sephora. It’s the lighting. A big blue shadow covers my under eye area, no matter how I tilt my head. No amount of concealer can ever mask it. This, too, is true of the OMG product I discovered there. I walked out believing that I looked no different after applying said product. Usually, you make it back to your car after mall makeup play, and you look like a transvestite. This was the opposite. I couldn’t stop staring in the car mirror. The IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Illuminating Ant-Age Concealer brought light, the way a highlighter might, but it didn’t emphasize lines, the way a highlighter might. I’m as white as they come, so I got the color LIGHT.

I still stand by all my picks in my worth-it beauty post! I use them and I feel great.  Overall, if I had to pick only one brand of makeup to use it would be Laura Mercier. I love the scent, feel, and wear of all her products. The packaging, the formulas. All of it.

As always, my favorite perfume.

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Stephanie Klein


  1. I have tried the IT concealer so many times but I can’t get it to spread evenly no matter how little I use. Any tips?

    1. Author

      I dot on a small amount to the darkened area then tap tap tap tap tap with the finger beside your pinky (it has the lightest touch of all your fingers). It’s a lot of tapping.

  2. I use IT’s regular concealer and it came with a brush that makes it easier to apply. I swear by this stuff.

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